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NameTarget #Base Hit Points# of HandsMoveAlien Ability
Canosian Canosian76infinite3+2Tumble. Canosians get a bonus 'move' action every phase.
Fungaloid Fungaloid9922+2Regenerate. Heal 1D6 hit points at the end of the Round.
Human Human8423+2Willpower. Humans may reroll both professional skill check dice (as opposed to only one).
Meeks Meeks8524+2Claws. Meeks get a free melee attack each phase in addition to any other action. This attack deals 1d6 of damage. It may also be used for free attacks when an enemy enters the space of a meek.
Silicoid Silicoid7813+2 Rocky. Reduce all damage sustained by the roll of a d6.
Bonus Alien Ability: Strong. Add +1 to melee weapon damage, and +10 to Carry capacity.
Tentac Tentac95infinite4+2 Resilient. Tentacs may elect to reroll incoming damage inflicted upon them.
Trundlian Trundlian80-80-80-8 +2 Versatile. Trundlians may elect to reroll professional rerolls if they were a “1”.
Bonus Alien Ability: Base hit points, Hands, Move?. Base hit points, hands and move may be reallocated as an action. The sum of the three variables must equal 8. No variable may be lower than 0.
Whistler Whistler6743+2 Puff. One free Jet-Move during their move action.
Xeloxian Xeloxian846-00-6 +2Fistwalk. Xeloxians may use their empty hands to increase their Move.
Bonus Alien Ability: Aggressive. +1 damage inflicted with all personal weapons.
Zoallan Zoallan9335+2Carapace. -2 to all incoming damage.

Note: Whistlers are from the Galactic Civil War expansion. Fungaloids are from the Pax Galacticum expansion. Trundlians are from the Pirates of Trundlia expansion. Meeks are from the Battlestations website. U.R.E.F. Starbase Minnesota has more on the Meeks and their ship layouts.

+2 move is from version 1.1 of the rules. Also note - no diagonal moves in version 1.1

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