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Roleplaying Games


RoleplayingBlurbs - Advertising art created for roleplaying convention games.


NPC Personality Generator - using the Catholic list of sins and virtues
PlotGenerator - using regular playing cards to unblock writer's/GM's block
CharacterGenerator - node based hierarchical dynamic random generator
VillageSimulator - How would you roleplay Cadfael's Shrewsbury?
Harn - Harn related resources.



  • 5e - things for Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition





  • Faction Paradox
  • Metascape - A mirror of the rules and files from the Mental Winds website
  • How to Host a Murder - A scripted narrative game with some roleplaying in the murder mystery genre. Or possibly an excuse to dress up for a dinner party 🙂
  • Versailles - My RPG in 2 weeks entry to Game Chef. Centred on the court life in a palace.
  • Fudgescape - My attempt at converting Farscape to be playble with the Fudge roleplaying system.
  • Narrative - My attempt at creating some primarily narrative roleplaying rules inspired by Theatrix, Fudge, Hero and all the good bits I've seen in other roleplaying games.
  • Capes - Modifications and clarifications for the Muse of Fire game, Capes
  • D20Stuff - New rules, classes etc.



  • TranscriptGideon - The compilation of my character in Mike's Dawn of Amber game First Light“which was play-by-post (on a message board).
  • TranscriptMasque - The transcript of a PBEM game based on TSR's campaign setting (Their version of Cthulhu by Gaslight).
  • TranscriptSephiroth - The transcripts and other files of a PBEM game I ran set in the Western Shores, using FUDGE (although I didn't end up using any dice) roughly based around the Tree of LIfe and the ten Sephiroth.
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