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Newton's First Law

Current background information

  • nflsubgenres (updated 13/10/03)
    The collected comments so far on the various styles of game that could be played.
  • nflftl (updated 13/10/03)
    How to get around the universe for under 30 Altarian Dollars a day [Word version]
  • nflarchetypes (updated 13/10/03)
    For character generation [Word version]
  • nflrobots(updated 26/10/03)
    Renders of robot models
  • nflaliens (updated 14/11/03)
    Andrew's races from the Decline and Fall history

Campaign Notes

  • nflgeneral (updated 15/10/03)
    Character Generation, Technology, The Universe, The Game
  • nflspace (updated 19/10/03)
    How Trek-like or other genre..
  • nflequipment (updated 20/10/03)
    What characters start off with
  • nflship (updated 30/10/03)
    Notes on Captain Samuel West's vessel. Now with deckplans
  • nflcommand (updated 19/10/03)
    How things operate onboard The Lady Jane
  • nflcharacters (updated 5/11/03)
    Who is playing what. Now with character sheets (remember your passwords!)
  • nfluniform (updated 20/10/03)
    Discussion on the official uniform for those lucky enough to serve under Captain West
  • nfldecline (updated (7/11/03)
  • nflstory (updated 23/12/03)
    The adventurous escapades of the crew and sundry (session 2)

I've compiled together various bits from email about probable setting of the game. It is pretty much all up to you players as to what we do or where we go. The only thing I won't do is cyberpunk genre really - because I find it too grim and repetative (too much like dungeonbashing) - and I've done a lot of roleplaying in that genre already. So if you've got new or interesting suggestions - or just really want to see something - let me know.

Star Hero converted to HTML

  • Another Starhero campaign with interesting guidelines.
  • Many characters for Hero.
  • Babylon 5 adaption for Star Hero, by Tony Moller
  • Star Wars adaptation for Star Hero, by Bobby Farris.
  • Star Trek for 5th Edition Hero System. It's got package deals, Federation races, some weapons, tricorders, and other cool stuff for both the original series and Next Generation.
  • Iain M Bank's Culture setting. A vague plot arc and background details for running a series of senarios in a universe inspired by Iain M Banks Culture books. Ultra-ultra high tech. The characters come from a society that builds planets and has an anti-prime directive. (We know best and should interfere to save you from yourselves).
  • A Science Fiction Campaign Setting For 5th Edition Hero System
  • The Local group campaign. A campaign universe set over a thousand years in the future, the Local Group chronicles a small (400 star system) colony separated from the great Human Empire. The campaign is set 500 years after the last one-way shipment arrived from the old Empire. Locked in a civil war, with rebellions springing up in the border worlds, and an unknown but hostile alien race making an appearance, there is plenty of room for a variety of campaigns.


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