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The Uniform


The basic jacket is the top one on this page: except in black with more heavily padded shoulders and gold frogging around all the edges.

The belt buckle would be in gold, and the same shape as the primary hull of the ship.

Tight black pants, and high leather boots (black). No hat, but windswept and interesting hair. > >

Over all that, there's a coat, similar to this: one, but obviously in black, with gold trim. Keep the red lining though. The hat from that one is absolutely out.


Frogging round the edges - do you mean a shallow gold loop hanging off the edge of the shoulder - or gold braid/rope at the seams - or braid/rope at the cuffs and jacket bottom?


Gold around edge of collar (and down the centre join of collar), edges of crossover, and cuffs. Not bottom of jacket (various armed forces have discovered how stupid that looks). Turn belt buckle 90 degrees anti-clockwise, and make a little smaller.

Also, I realised the epaulettes should be made black with three stripes (for a captain), or just black for others. That means the two pips on the right (when you're wearing it) should go.

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