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FTL Travel

Common methods

  • Jump Gate (JG) - Small civilian ships - B5 Jumpgates
  • Jump Engine (JE) - Large civilian ships - B5 Jump engines
  • Warp Engine (WE) - Small military ships - Startrek Warpdrive, Farscape Hetch drive
  • Hyperspace Engine (HE) - Large military ships - Starwars Hyperspace

Uncommon methods

  • Warp points (WP) - Miles Vorkosigan, Andromeda
  • Wormholes (WH) - Startrek, Farscape

Description of Multiverse levels

Normal space (NS). All physical laws as we know them exist.

Low Energy Hyperspace (LEH). Normal space can be seen and the mass of normal space objects affects LEH. Normal engines can be used in LEH but the following physical laws do not apply - mass does not increase as you change velocity, lightspeed is not a limiting factor.

High Energy Hyperspace (HEH). Normal space does cannot interact in anyway with HEH, neither can LEH. Normal engines can be used in HEH. However, HEH is a much smaller area than NS and is difficult to navigate as the locations of objects do not correlate directly between NS and HEH. The inherent energy fields of HEH confuse sensors and enhance mental powers. HEH beacons identify Jump Gates and some ships possess sensors capable of penetrating into Normal Space.

Wormhole space (WS). Does not interact with any of the above dimensions. Distance is not a factor in WS. The time it takes to travel through a wormhole is the time it takes to penetrate the dimensional layers. Warp points are stable locations in solar systems where a wormhole can be created.

Descriptions of FTL methods

  • JG - Ship notifies gate, Gate opens into HEH, ship enters HEH and travels to the beacon in HEH relevant to the JG it wishes to exit from. Ship sends signal to beacon and JG in normal space, JG opens into HEH and ship traverses back to normal space.
  • JE - Ship opens portal into HEH, then enters and travels to either a beacon, or a known point in HEH before activating it's engine a second time to open a portal back to NS.
  • WE - Ship moves an area around itself into LEH. Upon reaching it's destination it collapses the LEH area.
  • HE - Ship computes a course to destination. Ship moves into LEH and traverses entire course before dropping out of LEH
  • WP - Ship finds WP and opens wormhole. No more than one ship at a time can use a WP. A WP leads to only one other WP
  • WH - Naturally occurring. However the entrance and exit both move and the WP engine must be used to open the WH to a sufficient size for transport.

Travel times

Mode of travel Preparation Time Engine Activation Transit time Engine Activation Energy Required
JG Signalling the Gate Medium Dependant on distance Medium Large
JE Allocating energy Long Dependant on distance Long Large
WE Allocating energy Small Dependant on distance Small Medium
HE Computing course Small Dependant on distance Small Medium
WP Finding WP Medium 0 0 Medium
WH Finding WH 0 0 0 Small
The Multiverse

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