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Sub Genre comments
Last updated: Thursday, July 27, 2006


AG: I have a soft spot for Post-Holocaust due to my early roleplaying exposure to Gamma World. If it involves rediscovering old technology and maybe even a crossover with Invasion/Revolt, this could be way cool.
NC: Nup.


AG: This is the background of my Metascape game. Happy to play, but not necessarily my first choice.
NC: Yup. I like the idea of some force slowly rolling back the boundaries of civilisation. Not for foreground action necessarily, but there nevertheless.


AG: No. If you're going to do science fiction, I think you should make it science-fictiony.
NC: Red Mars? Yawn.


AG: Overdone. I agree with Peter on this one. No thanks.
NC: For White Wolfers who want some tech. No thanks.


AG: I *love* space opera. Say that again: I *LOVE* SPACE OPERA. Starship captains vying with evil alien empires, doing battle in deep space with cosuscating beams of energy. Star Wars, Traveller, Babylon 5, the whole zapping through hyperspace thing. My first choice. Definitely.
NC: But not too much.
BC: I'm keen on space >opera, with elements of other sub-genres. Fast ships. Fast women. Fast plots. Wa-hey! > Captain Samuel West
TV: Space Opera with more realism - ie. less clear cut, black and white“.”


AG: Hmm, yeah I suppose so. Not my first choice, but there's always something new to deal with. Easily crosses over with Space Opera though.
NC: Can easily fit in with much else, so yup.


AG: Again, not my first choice. Could be quite interesting as something slightly different from what I'm normally used to.
NC: Can fit that in. What is a campaign without a metropolis for city ventures?


AG: Being quite close to Space Opera, I would be happy playing this sub.
NC: Maybe what the forces of Other are rolling back?


AG: Traders? Dull dull dull. No thanks.
NC: Yes, as long as there is not too much accounting about it.


AG: Mix this in with Space Opera or Empire of Man and you've got a potent mix. Some very interesting ethical themes can be explored here. Only one psionic in the party though. That way you've got the whole attitude thing going. Every other player has to decide on their feelings about psykers. Refer Ivanova from B5. This could be almighty cool.
NC: Always need some teeps, but centre stage? I dunno.


AG: Yadda yadda… Isn't this what Classic Trek did every third episode? Oh, sorry. It was only every fourth.
NC: No real point playing scifi here. Wanna play alternate history, play alternate history. Don't throw this in with spaceships.


AG: I've never played a detective story as a roleplaying game. I haven't even attended a 'How to Host a Murder' party. Mix it in with Space Opera and I could really get going with this.
NC: Easy to fit in to whatever else.


AG: Yes. I definitely think the 'Revolt' side of things is worthwhile. The whole resistance movement thing? Against strange and powerful aliens? Yes, I think so.
NC: See War/Espionage


AG: I prefer the whole multi-system thing, but I could get into something like this. Pern was a favourite in my youth.
NC: I think most players desire a bit of travel Beyond.


AG: Playing aliens is not as easy as it seems. Another example of this genre (not mentioned here) is CJ Cherryh's Chanur series. A single human among an alien society. If one player is a human and all the rest are aliens, this could be excellent. So long as the aliens are actually alien in their attitudes and outlook, and not simply humans with bumpy heads…
NC: I agree with Andrew. Too much bumpyforehead syndrome.


AG: The Silver Surfer, anyone? I have to agree with Peter on this one. No, no and let me think for a moment No.
NC: Nup


AG: No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no o no n no no no on on on on onno non no no no no no no no no no no n o n o no no onoon nono ononon noonon onno on on onono
NC: Maybe just a pinch.


AG: Again, this genre is substantially overdone. If done carefully it could be fun, but suffers from a remarkable tendency to become *yawn*
NC: Nothing wrong with that. D&D world all developed up.


AG: Perhaps meld this with Invasion/Revolt? I tend to find 'other dimensions' lack verisimilitude. I thought that the episodes of DS9 which did the 'alternative reality' thing were pretty lame, except for Kira. Oh yes, except for Kira. Mmmmmm, Kira.
NC: Leads to too much technobabble.


AG: Space WHAT? I don't think so.
NC: Some elements of the western can be included everywhere. See Star Wars, for instance.


AG: All that attitude having been duly handed out, I would probably be pretty keen on just about anything the group agrees on. Having been GM for ten years or more without having been a player, I just don't mind.
PC: It is looking somewhat Farscapian from chats with folks so far.. Although the universe will have to be something different. More humano-centric unless folks want to be a different species?
TV: Farscape mixed with Bab 5. Realism, trading, wars, all the options. 50-50 human/alien.

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