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The Characters

Captain Sam WestSamuel West [Ben] The flamboyant captain - inhumanly good at impressing people and convincing them to do things. Which is somewhat reliant on him regularly maintaining his fame and reputation. Because basically, that's all he's good at. Currently on a mission with his engineer, his manservant, his valet/hairdresser and his chef. Not to mention the two other new NPC recruits - one of whom is part of his fanclub.

AieAie [Torben] Extroverted explorer from a race of furry xenophobes. Likes to tinker with chemicals and hard acceleration with his spiritual pet and occasional explosive device (Gramat). Currently in the employ of Captain Samuel West as pilot and medic

Gramat [Torben] Esprit de Aie

Andrew JohnsonAndrew Johnson [Victor] Bioengineered replicant trained for combat, but now seeking his own way. Has some psi potential and biotech stinger good for paralysing. Currently in the employ of Captain Samuel West as 'public relations' (just like Jayne, but with more brains)

AthrakAthrak [Andrew] Image Claire E. Condon. All rights reserved! Deeply religious crewmember who 'becomes one with the ship' from a doomed multigenerational ship. Can occasionally Reverse the Polarity of the Neutron Flow and Change the Laws of Physics. Currently in the employ of Captain Samuel West as executive officer

ShareeSharee [Andrew] Deeply religious crewmember, sister of Athrak. Steward.

Marcus CloverfieldMarcus Cloverfield [Nathan] The rich playboy dilettante with a flare for big game hunting, not turning down challenges and fencing with his android valet : Servitor Currently a passenger seeking adventure and distance from his family. At least he isn't as hunted as Victor's character.

ServitorServitor [Nathan] Valet to Marcus Clovervield


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