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Chain of Command

BC: For those of you who choose to serve with Captain West, we need to have a discussion about chain of command. Since it's a volunteer crew, the Captain can't actually order anyone to do anything. Where possible, it'd be nice to do everything by consensus, but in battle situations, that's not really an option.

How do we want to play it?

Personally, when I GM, I give the players a realistic amount of time to decide what to do. If they don't make a decision within a few seconds, events move on. I will put time on hold to answer questions of position, rules, etc. that would be obvious to the characters, but may need explaining to the players. I don't know if Peter wants to run it that way, but I find it a good way to go. That way, in a battle situation, any discussion we want to do will actually eat up battle time. I'd like to think any orders I give will be sensible ones anyway. At the time, you may disagree.

That was a bit rambling, sorry.

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