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Village Simulator


A system - likely to be computerised - to track events and behaviours of individuals in a medieval village. The primary purpose of which is to generate plots and consequences of actions for a roleplaying game that is set within the village.

Basic Assumptions

Not everyone in a village will know everyone else in the village. They may be aware of them however - knowing that there are x children/siblings/partners in family y, even if they don't know the person's name or possibly even their sex.

Every individual belongs to (one or more) families (even if the rest of the members are dead or have moved out of the village). Every family is a member of one or more communities, which include the village as a whole, specific areas of the village, specific shops they congregate at and shared occupations.

Trust as a stat comes in a variety of levels. In order to get to the stage of “love” special conditions are needed as it's a level of trust where a character will consciously deny proven fact in favour of the character they love. This can be extended to include “blind devotion” in the case of religion or ideological causes. Trust levels are a vital part of calculating the propogation of gossip - a major information exchange throughout the village.

Festivals, celebrations and the hosting of events where outsiders mix with the locals are popular with the majority of villagers and are used as opportunities for information and to get new blood into the village (getting potential husbands and wives). Likewise - it's a major source of providing missing supplies and items that aren't produced locally.

Trade consists of barter, rather than coinage. Barter includes services as well as goods.



Generally an individual will only have one kind of relationship with another individual. This relationship type will vary in level through positive and negative based on actions seen. The target may not have the same relationship type as the subject. There may be events that cause a relationship to change type.

Severity Relationship Type
Friendship Romantic Worship Respect
Extremely Positive Best Friend Infatuation Cult of personality Loyal to the death
Very Positive Close Friend Love of their life Idolise Implicit trust
Moderately Positive Good Friend Love Big fan Trusting
Positive Friend Admiration Envious Advising
Neutral Acquaintance Neutral Neutral Neutral
Negative Nuissance Dislikes Avoids Distrusts
Moderately Negative Actively Avoids Ugly Belittles Disbelieves
Very Negative Undermines Ridicules Blasphemes Implicit disbelief
Extremely Negative Bigotted Hates Crusade Immediate disloyalty
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