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This website is dedicated to compiling resources and links related to the Hero System.


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Editing Rules

  • All entries must be related to the Hero System
  • Any spam links or emails will be deleted, pages are edited or viewed by Registered Users Only
  • I have a fair bit of space left, so feel free to post large documents. I'll warn everyone if I start running out, and then we'll have to only compile links.
  • Every page can be created or edited by any Registered User EXCEPT this page. If you want to change this page, let me know (Peter Cobcroft = Curufea =
  • Registration is a two part process - after you receive your password (sent to your valid email address) let me know (via email) and I will change your status from “potential spammer” to “user” and you will be able to edit pages. All new users start as “potential spammers” at the moment.

About the Wiki

Hero System Resources

Alternate Rules


Conversions by Genre

These pages mainly contain links to non-Wiki pages held elsewhere. Often on the Hero System Official Bulletin Board as the resources have not yet been placed in this Wiki, and they do not have websites.

Resources by Setting

These pages are mainly full articles and resources for particular settings, and are hosted on this Wiki.



Links to Non-Gaming Resources


Useful links to online resources

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