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Reviews of Licensed Publications


Star Hero

  • Rescue At Karadonna (Beautifulharmony Multimedia)
  • Traveller Hero Book One: Adventure In Charted Space (Comstar Games)
  • Traveller Hero Book Two: Adventure In Charted Space (Comstar Games)
  • Golden Age Starships 1 Fast Courier (Comstar Games)
  • Golden Age Starships 2 SW Patrol Cruiser (Comstar Games)
  • The New Era 1248 Sourcebook 1 Out Of The Darkness (Comstar Games)
  • The New Era 1248 Sourcebook 2 Bearers Of The Flame (Comstar Games)

Fantasy Hero

  • Chasing A Golden Buck (Beautifulharmony Multimedia)
  • The Kandris Seal (Hart-Felt Productions)
  • The Echoes Of Heaven/The Throne Of God (Final Redoubt Press)
  • The Last Free City/The Festering Earth (Final Redoubt Press)
  • The Lost Kingdom Of Dwarves/On Corrupted Ground (Final Redoubt Press)
  • The Echoes Of Heaven Bestiary/Tainted Tears (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Ulcer (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Ice (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Adventure Seed 1a: A Knife In The Dark (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Adventure Seed 1b: To Burn A Witch (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Adventure Seed 2: Felrican Nights (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Adventure Seed 3a: The Burning Tree (Final Redoubt Press)
  • Adventure Seed 3b: The Echoing Hall (Final Redoubt Press)
  • The Last Dominion (Pencil Pushers Publishing)
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