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The Fan Project

he Hero Fanon Project (HFP) is dedicated to producing free professional-quality resources in support of the Hero System. At this time the project is dedicated to the fantasy genre, but may expand to include other genres at a later date. We do not want to develop materials that will hinder future hero development efforts, or that will potentially undercut DOJ's sales. Instead, we will focus on the kinds of materials that are nice to have, but are prohibitively expensive for small companies to produce. Additionally, the main subtext of the project is rendering the Hero System accessible to inexperienced gamemasters, and gamemasters who do not have the inclination (or time) to develop their own materials. Our primary focus will be articles containing adventures, characters, and setting material. All ideas are welcome.


A new message board has been created for discussing the project. You can find it here- Cobcroft 2007/01/08 14:17

The Fan Project Page is now open for business. Project proposals should be put on the “Discussion Page.”


A brief listing of other wiki users who have access and should be contributing to this project.

Heroboards Name Responsibilities
Alice the Owl Copyeditor
Bismark Contributer
Curufea Wiki & Forum Admin
Diamond Spear Contributer
Edsel Contributer
Killer Shrike Contributer
Korvar Graphic Artist
Lensman Contributer
Mvoncannon Contributer
Nolgroth Contributer
TheQuestionMan Contributer
Von D-Man Editor in Chief, Organizer, Blue Skier
War Cry Contributer
Savinien Contributer, Editing

Suggested responsibilites :- Editor, Graphic artist/layout designer, Contributer, Rules checker/game balancer.

General responsibilities :- Contributer, Blue Skier (contributing ideas no matter how far fetched).


This area is for posting current work for criticism and copyediting. It is also a way for us to track progress on current projects. Only projects that have formally been adopted as collaborative projects (on some level) should go here. The Organizer will open a general “Project Page” for all such endeavors that can then be expanded upon. The Project Page should contain the name of the primary project owner(s), a brief description of what is happening, an outline so people know the project will entail, and a revisions section for people to track task completion.

Adventures and Scenarios

Characters and Creatures

General Gamemaster Aids

Setting Material


This area is for posting original artwork related to current projects.

Cover Art

Interior Art

Setting Maps

Further pages will be added to this list based on what is resolved in the Forum.

  • Discussion Page - For voicing ideas and concerns.
  • Publishing Details - News on overall project status with regards to having it published (ie communications with Herogames)

Hero Designer

If you are using Hero Designer for your characters, I did create an export template that saves a text file in Wiki format - that you can copy and paste straight into the wiki and have it display in a readable format.

You can download it herePeter Cobcroft 2007/01/12 12:09

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