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Hero Icon Charactersheet Schema

The current character sheet looks like this (from the rulebook example)-

Front of character sheetBack of character sheet

The HICS character sheet so far -

Front of character sheet Back of character sheet

Profile block (1)

Some parts have to be text, but can be shortened:

Character Name (Alternate Identities separated by commas) Player Name - <Campaign Name> / Genre as a two letter code - Gamemaster

:: Date character was created :😘* Date character was last modifed Description is free text of any length but should be limited to physical description - backgrounds and personality aren't relevant to this schema ===== Characteristics block (2) ===== Characteristics are all contained in a square shape for ease of recognition. Figured characteristics have a plus symbol in the top left corner. Numbers are in the form of value/points(roll) where applicable. STR - fist
DEX - open hand
CON - heart, anatomical
INT - brain, side view
EGO - silhouette containing a white question mark
PRE - full body silhouette in Hero system pose (ie like the watermark in the hit location chart)
OCV - sword
DCV - shield
OMCV - Eye of Horus
DMCV - black filled
SPD - clock face
PD - brick wall filled
ED - white filled
REC - first aid cross
END - silhouette of head surrounded by radiating stylised drops of water
BODY - stylised drops of blood
STUN - question marks in an arc arrangement * Characteristic Icons ===== Skills/Talents/Perks block (11) ===== Items in this block are in rectangular containers. Skills have a semicircle on the top right and bottom left corner. Talents have a thickened (bold) top line. Numbers are in the form of cost(roll) where applicable. Skill levels are denoted by filling the container: Familiarity = white fills, Proficiency = left semicircle black filled, Competent = rectangle black filled (inverse text), Skilled = right semicircle black filled, Very Skilled = as Proficient+Skilled, Highly Skilled = as Proficient+Competent, Extremely Skilled = Competent+Skilled , Incredibly Skilled = all filled with inverse text. Skill levels in between can be shown with a half fill to the next level. Skills include the icon of the characteristic they are derived from. * Skill Icons * Talent Icons * Perk Icons === Example === Acrobat Familiarity -
Acrobat Competent-
Acrobat Incredibly Skilled- ===== Powers and Equipment block (12) ===== Items in this block are in tablet containers (rectangles with circular ends). Advantages are in circles. Disadvantages are in triangles. The strength of a power, advantage or disadvantage is denoted with either dice symbols (and/or numbers) or multiple copies. Numbers are in the form of cost(roll) where applicable. Endurance use is represented with stylised drops of water (ie black teardrops) using base 5 (ie a different symbol, say a white filled teardrop could represent 5 End) If you decide to put everything inside a tablet container (the power icons and advantages/disads) you will end up with something similar to an ancient Egyptian name in style - a cartouche. * Power Icons * Advantages Icons * Limitations Icons ==== Frameworks ==== Frameworks are larger containers surrounding the powers within them. A multipower is a simple box. A variable power pool is a double border box that should contain enough space for any additions of powers currently in the pool. * Fixed slots in a multipower are represented by the power container being thicker (bold). * Variable slots are regular power containers.. ===== Complications block (13) ===== Items in this block do not have containers and therefore no set outline. The frequency of the complication is denoted by repeating the symbol (taking up more space that way and being more important). Numbers are in the form of cost(roll) where applicable. * Frequency * Uncommon/Infrequently = one symbol,Common/Frequently = two symbols,Very Common/Very Frequently = three symbols, Extremely Common/All The time = four symbols * Complications Icons ====== Number Alternatives ====== In keeping with the D6 aesthetic of the rule system, numbers may be expressed in dice icons in base 10 positions. Vertically placed dice to represent numbers higher than 6 should be a different colour (e.g. black). === Example === ^ 3 | | ^ 8 |
| ^ 35 | | ^487 |

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