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Links for Champions (Super)Hero Resources

Aberrant (& Trinity) by White Wolf

Authority RPG & Resource Book by Guardians of Order

Blood of Heroes by

Blood of Heroes by

Brave New World by Pinnacle Games/Alderac Entertainment Group

Cartoon Action Hour RPG by Z-Man Games, Inc.

Champions by Hero Games

DC Heroes by Mayfair Games

DC Universe Role-Playing Game by

Enforcers by

F.R.E.E.Lancers by TSR

Guardians & Justifiers by StarChilde Publications

Godlike by Hobgoblynn Press

Godsend Agenda D6 by Khepera Publishing

Golden Heroes by Games Workshop

GURPS Supers by Steve Jackson Games

Heroes Forever by Guild of Blades

Heroes Unlimited (RIFTS) by Palladium Games

Heroic Conquest by Renaissance Ink

Heroic Do-Gooders and Dastardly Deed-Doers by Mathew Van Dinter

Heroic Visions by New Vision Comics

Marvel Universe Role Playing Game by Marvel Publishing Group

Marvel Super Heroes Role-Playing Game by TSR

Mutants and Masterminds by Green Ronin Publishing

Nocturnals by Green Ronin Publishing

Omlevex by Z-Man Games, Inc.

PowerGame by

Silver Age Sentinels by Guardians of Order

Superhero 2044

Super Squadron - an Australian game “inspired” by Villains and Vigilantes

Superworld by Chaosium

Superbabes (Femforce) by Tri-City Games

Supergame by DAG Productions

Super-Sentinels by Judge's Guild

Super Squadron by Adventure Simulations

Supervillains by Task Force Games

San Angelo: City of Heroes by Gold Rush Games

The Dragons Gate San Angelo’s Chinatown by Gold Rush Games

TORG - by West End Games

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness by Palladium Games - based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books.

The Algeron Files by BlackWyrm

Villians and Vigilantes (Living Legends) by Fantasy Games Unlimited

Underworld by Mayfair Games

Wild Talents - published by Arc Dream

Superhero Resources

International Superheroes - Pulp Heroes

Wikipedia - Superheroes

List of DC Comics characters

List of Marvel Comics characters

Brave New World “to HERO Conversions & Adaptations”

Villains & Vigilantes (aka Living Legends) “to HERO Adaptations & Conversions*

Other RPGs converted to HERO System


MLJ Super Special

The Mighty Crusaders of Justice

The Fly

The Mighty Crusaders



Kristoff’s Big Hero Emporium

Conveted to Marvel Superheroes - 😉

Jaguar - DarkMark's Comics Index

International Superheroes

DC/!mpact Comics

Matt's Champions Page - The 250 Point Project

RPG Open Directory - Super Heroes Roleplaying

Dejay's Champions Write Ups

Red October

The Wild Hunt - X-Men

Ironclaw Anthropomorphic RPG by Sanguine Productions Ltd

Living Legends

The Villians & Vigilantes Emporium - Art & Stuff

Morpheus Unbound

“The Crusaders” converted to Hero

Liberty The American Girl - Multipul Conversions

Villians & Vigilantes Campaign Headquaters - Interesting, hmmm…

Detailed conversion notes:

Lost Secrets of IST

IST San Angelo

Writeups for the Destroyers villain team, from Death Duel with the Destroyers:

Writeup for Surge, from the DNAgents Sourcebook:

Marvel Directory(Thanks csyphrett)

Marvel Guide (Thanks csyphrett)

Jess Nevins's Golden Age site: (Thanks csyphrett)

History of the JSA (including E-2 related characters such as Infinity Inc, Starman, ALl Star Squadron): (Thanks csyphrett)

Google Images Search - Heroclix


The Delta Times (Once “THE” place for BNW)

Delta Conspiracy (Once a great BNW Resource)

Delta World

Brave New Web

Steven Crow’s BNW Page

Lee’s Useless Superhero Generator

The Caiman City Project (Check this one out)

Superhero Resources

Lost Secrets of IST

IST San Angelo

The Master Lists of Limitations:
Hosted by the Global Guardians PBEM, this is a vast archive of custom Physical, Mental and Social Limitations created by HERO gamers. If you've wanted to give your character an unusual Disadvantage but weren't sure how it should work or what it would cost, chances are you'll find something useful here.

Hero Games Product List:
Derek Hiemforth has compiled this virtually complete list of all books, modules, and e-books that contain HERO System material, from every edition, by every publisher. Thorough and well-organized, this list is a must for the completist collector.

Random Character Generator:
Fellow board member niakki has created this wonderful generator for Champions and FH characters. Very flexible and customizable, just the thing for whipping up an NPC on short notice, or givng a design-challenged player a PC to work with.

The Great Net Book of Real Heroes:
A huge but coherently organized collection of comic-book and other characters from multiple sources, converted to HERO System stats. Submitted by many authors, often resulting in multiple interpretations of the same character. Many of these are still in 4E HERO, but are easy enough to update.

Marvel Directory (Thanks Vanguard00)

Other RPGs converted to HERO System (Thanks Lord Laiden)

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