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Where can I experiment with the Wiki?

Try editing in the Playground

How do I create a new page?

Creating a page is simple.

It's important to make sure that new pages have unique names, otherwise you may be putting in a link to an existing page. For this reason, and to help organise Wikis, there are “namespaces”.

I keep getting boxes in my pages

If you copy and paste from a document in a word processing program, text editor, or from another webpage - you may see boxes appear when you save the page. Boxes are caused by lines that start with two spaces or tabs. Edit the offending line and remove them.

Do you have a template in wiki format for character formatting?

There is a template in the characters section (or namespace) if you create a new character page, you get a fill in the blanks type template. To create a new page in a different namespace, separate it with a colon. For example a new character would have a link of double square open brackets then characters then a colon then the name of the character then double square close brackets. [ [ characters : Name of Character ] ]

  • I have written a Hero Designer export template that will export the file in a Wiki format that can be simply cut and pasted into this wiki. You can download it here:

How do I add an image or other file?

While editing a page, click on the button to insert an image - it's the stylised landscape with two mountains and a sun , next to the signature button. The second from the right. Browse to the file. Upload it. Then use {{}} to link to the image

  • You can also add HDC, HDE and HDP files with this dialog. Make sure the filenames are lowercase, or they won't link properly. Note: you can upload HD files to the Hero Designer website now.


The Characters Template

Is this template (in the characters namespace) suitable for creating new pages about characters? Should it be formatted differently? — Peter Cobcroft 2006/02/23 20:36

Other Templates and Namespaces

Should I create more namespaces and templates to go with them? For example - if we have a page for each superskill/wuxia power or each package, should they be kept together and use a template to make their creation easy and uniform in layout? Any other templates? — Peter Cobcroft 2006/02/23 20:36

Wiki stylesheet

If anyone has come across a template for the entire DokuWiki they think is better than the default you currently see here, let me know — Peter Cobcroft 2006/09/18 15:31

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