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Genres for Hero

Dr. Suess HERO

I will not roll d8 or more
I will not even roll d4
I will not check a chart or card
I will not play a class (“Not bard!”)
I will not choose an alignment
I will not have rule confinement
I will not bow to a DM
One system then
Hero I am

Politically Correct Hero

  • Impulsively Random Special Needs = Accidental Change
  • Experienced = Age
  • Health and Welbeing Special Need Requirements = Dependence
  • Carer = Dependent NPC
  • Appearance Enhancements = Distinctive Features
  • Anger issues = Enraged/Berserk
  • Needed = Hunted
  • Differently Physical (or Physically Challenged) = Physical Limitation
  • Individual Outlook = Psychological Limitation
  • Socially Advantaged = Reputation
  • Competitive = Rivalry
  • Socially Challenged = Social Limitation
  • Environmentally Challenged = Susceptibility
  • Differently Lucky = Unluck
  • Differently Invulnerable = Vulnerability

Rhyming Hero

Player A: “I hit him with an Energy Blast, 5d6 hard and fast.”
GM: “He aborts to dodge, adds DCV. Your shot goes wide as you can see..”
Player B: “Can I attack?”
GM: “Your SPD?”
Player B: “3, DEX 12”
GM: “.. and 4 CV I see, you're sure to miss - oh what glee”

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