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Knight Cards


KnightParryAttempt to knock aside opponent's lance with your own.Range of 1 to 3, If opponent's aim is orthogonally adjacent or on top of yours, move both aims one square orthogonally. if not, move your aim 1 towards opponent's (may be diagonal).
KnightSet LanceCouch your lance and steady your aim+1 ImpactYou may no longer move your aim
KnightLeanLean to one side to avoid blowsChoose left or right, -1 Impact to opponent if aiming at that side+1 Impact if different, does not affect head hits.
KnightRiseMove into the impact+1 Impact-1 Balance, cancels Sit Forward
KnightSit ForwardSteady your seat+1 Balancecancels Rise
KnightMove ShieldAdjust your shieldChoose Up, Down, Inward or Outward
KnightBrace ShieldSteady your shield+1 BalanceYou may no longer play the Move Shield card
KnightSteadyStay as you areNo effect
KnightSteadyStay as you areNo effect

Card Details


Important The parry only occurs in the phase of the turn where Knight Cards are resolved. This phase is AFTER the Horse Card resolution and the Aim Card resolution phases. A knight may well have moved to impact the other knight before the Parry card can take effect. Parry cards are range 1-3 and do not function at range 0 or less. If your aim is:

  • next to your opponent's aim, move your aim into that square and move your opponent's aim into the next square adjacent to it.
  • in the same square as your opponent's, move your opponent's aim one square in any direction, and move your own aim one square in the opposite direction.
  • not adjacent to your opponent's aim, move your aim one square towards your opponent's aim. If this would be diagonal, move diagonal. If there is a choice of squares, opponent chooses.

Hitting the outside of the hit location table If an aim counter needs to be moved outside the hit location table, move it as follows instead :-

  • A1, A5, D1, D5 - Stay
  • A2, A3, D2,D3 - Move left
  • A4, D4 - Move right
  • B1, B4 - Move up
  • C1, C4 - Move down



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