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Painting progress

Time to get my misc sci-fi done. Currently doing layers and then detail to Wolsung steampunk slum huts


In addition to the terrain suitable for warjd there's been an accumulation of other kinds of terrain and tile sets that are suitable. Five Parsecs doesn't randomly give you a theme for your campaign encounter, just guidelines on placement of types and sizes of terrain. So we'll go with what we have available that suits the story.

Possible theme Sources
Underground settlement, Mine MDF Tunnels
Megacity streets, High tech city or town warjd
Inside Megablocks, Space stations or High tech Instalations Battlesystems
Space Derelicts, Colonies or large industrial Space Hulk, Legions of Steel, AVP tiles
Plains, Forests, Fields, Ancient ruins various regular terrain
Spaceships Battlestations tiles
Hives Aliens, Advanced Space Crusade

Session 1 Table

These images will be used for a die drop table to determine where someone's battle is taking place

Die Drop Table

d4 for starting table edge

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