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The Radio Play


Sound Effects


  • Sunvox a compact cross-platform audio tracker with modular synthesizers (I've got the Android app as well)
  • Community Audio - creative commons music

Voices (TTS) - for translators

  • iSpeach - includes accents for American, English, French, Spanish, Italian and German
  • MARY Web Client - interface for an open source TTS engine which includes filters. Accents only for American and English
  • Sitepal - animated avatars with accents of American, English, Irish, Scottish, Australian, South African and Indian
  • Imtranslation - does Russian

The Idea

  • The B Deck (possibly a different name?). The non-bridge crew on a UREF ship in the Battlestations setting - specifically the Deep Ones in Deep Space supplement with Lovecraftian horror elements. Comedy/Horror — Peter Cobcroft 2012/12/20 12:54

Old Suggestions

Ideas for possible Radio Plays (feel free to add you own):

  • The Bots. Day to day comedy soap opera about the Bots of Alpha Complex. Just because Paranoia is currently of interest, comedy is a strong area for me, and putting voices through a slight robotic filter will mask any quality problems with voice recording — Peter Cobcroft 2012/07/05 16:37
  • No Capes. Basically a radio version of No Heroics, but not set in a pub. There aren't enough comedies about the day-to-day lives of superheroes — Peter Cobcroft 2012/07/05 16:37
  • Lovecraft. Turning Mythos stories into radioplays - because horror works really well as audio IMHOPeter Cobcroft 2012/07/05 16:43
  • Henchmyn (non-male suffix) either bond villian or supervillian.— MORT 2012/07/10
  • The Old Artefact Shop many spring to mind friday 13 the series warehouse 13 etc could be lovecrafty.— MORT 2012/07/10
    • I think this should be changed to “Ye Olde Artefact Shoppe” just to be generically farcical — Peter Cobcroft 2012/07/31 00:10
  • Gamers characters from different worlds/dimensions SYSTEMS trying to cope with each other tropes of culture shock gameboy nerd spring to mind TORG vs RIFTS — MORT 2012/07/10

Analyses of Radioplays


Roles of those involved are best defined before we begin so we don't have unfounded expectations. Feel free to add extra responsibilities if you deem you have the time for it:


  • Producer (duties of - getting it organised, keeping in contact with everyone and making sure progress is made fairly regularly, basically the same as a project manager)
  • Editing (I've some nice software and know how to use it)
  • SFX (I've a small library of effects)
  • Graphic design (if it ever comes that we need artwork done for things)
  • Writer (I'm keen to help write scripts)
  • Voice Actor (I don't mind doing voices)
  • Webmaster (design, hosting)


  • Writer
  • Voice Actor


  • Writer
  • Voice Actor


  • Consultant (ie you have experience, but aren't that keen on being an active participant)


  • Voice Actor

Possible other roles are: Casting - someone keen to talk to friends about possibly getting them to do some acting. I've not included any technical roles to do with recording as we've got any number of devices with microphones and I don't think we're going for high production values (feel free to disagree if you can volunteer resources)

The Play

As a game (deprecated)

Note - the radioplay is no longer being turned into a game.

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