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3 seasons of 6 episodes each.


  • Sam Porter
    • Modern human in a fantasy world
    • Cynical misanthrope
    • Obsessed with Penthiselea
    • Owner of Amis, his dog
  • Amis, the Chosen One
    • Ex-dog with dog traits while now humanoid
    • Trusting
    • Dumb
    • Likes doggy biscuits
    • The chosen one (can weild The Sword of Asnagar without turning evil)
  • Vidar the Elf Lord
    • Party leader
    • High elf
    • Dumber than Amis
  • Penthiselea the Warrior Princess
    • Warrior
    • Naive to the point of ludicrous (although this varies with some episodes)
    • Betrothed to Vidar
  • Dean the Dwarf
    • Dwarf warrior
    • Unhygenic
    • Closet homosexual
  • Lord Darkness
    • Lord of Evil
    • Nemesis
    • Civil servant/grumpy old man kind of character
    • Absent minded/doesn't think things through
  • Kreech
    • the Right Hand of Darkness
    • Often thinks up details Lord Darkness has missed
    • Incredibly ugly


  1. Introduction, usually defining where they need to go to get the Sword
  2. Travel and/or Investigation
  3. Meanwhile scenes for Lord Darkness in his Lair of Evil
  4. Confrontation with the antagonist
  5. Climax
  6. Consequences

Key Scenes

These scenes tend to crop up every episode-

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