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Reality or Fictional location?

If reality then possible litigation but authenticity. A parralel world distorted mirror world.

Reality gives a bonus of familiar landscapes.

Maybe use Dresden files rpg for city creation or burning empires for space/planetary setting.

I've got Burning Wheel, but not Burning Empires - Dresden I've not read the RPG, but will have a look ASAP. I've read the first two books and seen a couple eps of the TV show. I do think that giving locations traits similar to what we do in Starblazer and Spirit of the Century can be a good impetuous for narrative consistency and inspiration — Peter Cobcroft 2012/08/28 10:47

Earth vs Space - the former does give us the luxury of familiar settings to insert horror into. Space has more unknowns for exploiting as horror - but you have to dedicate more of each episode to world creation/establishment. That's fine if you do it in an entertaing way (ala the Withering offsides in Nebulous) but it could become a chore, ending up as standard exposition. Unless we go the route of serial rather than episodic - and folk must listen to previous episodes for world establishment. — Peter Cobcroft 2012/08/28 10:49

Just a quick note that I've edited the configuration file now so that signatures (the second from the right editing button) now show the correct time — Peter Cobcroft 2012/08/28 11:40

Burning Empires has two adversarial sides and is set up for that - if we go scifi do we want something similar? Possibly a Cthulhu type invasion - we just redefine the three areas that numbers are used — Peter Cobcroft 2012/09/12 14:18

From Meeting 7/12/12

Battlestations setting - only the likely probability of getting permission from the creators with whom I'm on good terms. It mixes space opera, classic trek-like tropes, comedy and horror - everything we're looking for. Puns if not forced. Crude humour if it's clever. Horror shouldn't go overboard in SFX — Peter Cobcroft 2012/12/11 14:23

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