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I think it has to have regular characters as we've a small cast. But this doesn't go well with horror, which has a higher body count. Do we want some kind of reset? Clones either science fictional or supernatural? — Peter Cobcroft 2012/09/12 14:19


What mix of comedy for characters? Glib witicisms or will the comedy be farcicle? Should there be a straight character - and should they be occasionally be made fun of? Should this be the main character? Are they irreverant like John Constantine? — Peter Cobcroft 2012/09/12 14:29

From Meeting 7/12/12

Clones are in Battlestations. Cultists - possibly bumbling - are the bad guys The main characters in the story are the below decks characters, not the main bridge crew — Peter Cobcroft 2012/12/11 14:24

Main Characters

Characters with regular speaking parts. Ideally we should only have three (IMHO), but could combine some into a single character, or change which three are the main speakers for an ep, and have the others be minor characters for that ep

  • The Ensigns
    The support crew to the bridge crew. The guys that never make command decisions. These guys basically have skill 1 in everything and no professional rerolls
    • The Red Shirt
      Another trope subversion. This guy (a marine type) should do everything that classically endangers someone in scifi or horror - but they never get injured, no matter what.
    • The Joker
      Possibly the person responsible for most of the puns? Needs a quirk to make them different - maybe one of the computerised voices?
    • Cam (short for Cameo) - Pyreltian - off stage and not voiced, but occasionally alluded to (ala Wynn-Stanley in Hut 33) - occasionally saves everyone
    • Yuri (short for Uranus, a primordial God the same as Chronos) - Chronosian - a gambler (ala Gideon of Crusade) - newley encountered whose time travelling is not known by other crew - Russian accent [Translator]
    • Elijah - Human - Pessimistic harbinger of Doom - A character that always has one of their (many) dire predictions come true.
    • Scrapey (short for Scrapie a common disesase for sheep) - Sheepling - unintelligible [no Translation - characters just know what he says) - anti/subverting red-shirt (ala Guy in Galaxy Quest)
    • Mal - Human - trainee ship councillor - Always looks on the bright side of everything, because it's covering a thin veneer of them barely holding on to it.

Minor Characters

Characters with rare (or no) speaking parts

  • The Bridge Crew
    The traditional heroes of a scifi show set on a spaceship or station. These guys should be referred to at least once per ep, possibly more - and probably shouldn't get speaking parts unless it's a voice over the PR system (ala Open a ship-wide channel). These guys should be stereotypes and should often be killed doing something heroic and probably stupid. — Peter Cobcroft 2012/12/13 11:31
    • Hrrdgrr (Herr Doktor) - The Science Officer (Scientist) - Zoallan with the Mad Science abillity, German accented [Translator]
    • Ms Garath (Shubni) - The Helm Officer / The Captain (Pilot) - Human - Paladin type (ala Dylan Hunt in Andromeda)
    • The Weapons Officer (Marine) - Death wish glory seeker and very unlucky, wants to die in combat but never makes it that far (ala Kenny in South Park) - Tentac [Translator]
    • The Chief Engineer (Engineer) - Xeloxian - beaurocratic type (almost like PLC in Paranoia, and probably why the ship gets stuck in situations to sort out rather than quickly leaving) [Translator]
    • The Councilor (Diplomat/Psionic)
  • The Cultists
    The bad guys. Minor characters as they shouldn't appear in every episode. Most are “bumbling” but at least one should be a serious nutter/competent/psycho. Ongoing bad guys for the series - just as likely to die as the Bridge Crew, and from the same sources. — Peter Cobcroft 2012/12/13 11:31
    • The Leader: politically correct rimmer without his anger “just because it is an evil killing machine doesn't it have a right to exist?”. Social trendy with their twatter account. Believes in voting for most things “trustapherian”.
    • The Keeper of Records - An OCD/Anal Librarian type that keeps the forbidden texts, can quote them and knows about rituals (as is mentioned in the book of skrall chapter 4 subsection 2“ mort
    • The Fixer - the member responsible for getting rare items needed for rituals
    • The Newb- the cultist who doesn't really think they should be a cultist (I only came to use your comms device as mine is broken)mort
    • The Scarey Guy - the actual traditional Lovecraftian cultist
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