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Bleak Expectations

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4 seasons of 6 episodes each.


  • Sir Philip 'Pip' Bin
    • Narrator
    • Antagonistic and old fashioned
    • Hates the interviewer
  • Young Pip
    • Primary character
  • Pippa Bin
    • Sister to Pip
  • Harry Biscuit
    • Friend of Pip
    • Inventor (of things that never work correctly)
    • Obsessed with eating - especially cakes
    • Catchphrases
      • After talking about what is needed for an invention - “.. and swans!”
  • Mr Skinflint Parsimonious
    • Over-generous friend of Pip
    • Catchphrases
      • “Have this [item], oh and this [item]”
  • The clans of Hardthrasher, Sternbeater, Whackwallop and Grimpunch
    • Violent
    • Always played by the same voice actor
    • Assistant to Gently
    • Frequently killed
  • Mr Gently Benevolent
    • Nemesis
    • Evil Mad Scientist
    • Catchphrases
      • Slow evil laugh
  • Jeremy Sourquill
    • Interviewer
    • Obsessed with devices


  1. Complaints about the lateness of the interviewer
  2. Interviewer's latest device and destruction of same
  3. Sir Philip Bin narrates the introduction to the current episode
  4. Pip's current life
  5. Bad things happen
  6. Betrayal or confrontation
  7. The death of a clan member (first season this would be a Hardthrasher)
  8. The escape of Mr Gently Benevolent (unless it's the season finale, where he dies)

Key Scenes

These scenes tend to crop up every episode-

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