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Five Parsecs from home

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All the files from the official Facebook group for Five Parsecs from Home (as of this page update).

In house supplies

Just a place for me to organise what I have available. Move along citizen.


  • Crew Logs - Google sheets to record your crew rosters. This page is display only however, editable versions and links to those will happen later
    • Crew Cards - Individual cards to be printed out on photos (4“x6”) and folded or cut in half to be double sided.
  • Campaign - The game so far


6 Crews have now been created. 3 Crews have played introductory campaign mission 1, 5 Crews have played the demo fight.


  1. Everyone turns up at my place
  2. We do the campaign turn (Steps 1-2)
  3. We all fight individual battles on the same table (Step 3). There's enough room on the table for five separate games (using a standard 2 foot square area). I'll setup a number of pre built terrains under the tabletop that can then be built up.
  4. We do post battle fallout (Step 4) and work out if we want to do another campaign turn.

I'd also encourage all players to write-up their campaign turn to form an ongoing narrative.

  • Star Cards - Each player has a set of 5 cards that can be used only once each in the campaign.
  • Factions - there's rules for having a more epic story where missions are tied to factions that have their own progress. I've come across a great list of tongue-in-cheek factions in the rpg Never Tell Me The Odds that we could use to give more of a plot arc to the random tables.
  • Story Track - there is an example campaign of linked missions that can be used. These missions occur amongst your other random missions and usually have specific rewards and setups.

House Rules

Additional Story

  • Going to a new World
    I saw the folk at Guerilla Games doing a youtube video for a Stargrave campaign and adding story from the 40k Rogue Trader book. I also have this book - so we might use its tables as well to give additional story ideas. Additionally someone had put the tables I need into a PDF on Scribd. Plot Generator PDF
  • On Planet Activities
    The author was inspired by Traveller, so may incorporate some of that

Space Battles

  • There's no mechanics in Five Parsecs for space battles, but it's a trope of the genre, so as it's also d6 based with simple rolls - I might incorporate battlestations into the game somewhere.
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