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The Campaign

We are starting with the introductory mini-campaign from the first expansion for the game.

Your First Fight

Hold the field against 4 Starport Scum with hand guns and a Specialist with a Shotgun

Special Rules

There's no pre-battle rules and post-battle repercussions, no XP, pay, injuries or loot.


  • Epsilon Rising
    One Casualty
  • TBD(Doug's crew)
    No Casualties
  • TBD(Breana & Talia's crew)
    Two Casualties
  • Bing's Bunch (Victor)
    No Casualties
  • For Cash or Money (Matthew)
    Three Casualties

Campaign Turn 1 ​

Defeat 4 Security Bots

Special Rules

Only pre-battle rule is Sieze the Initiative at +1.
Only post-battle rules used are:
4. Get Paid (p.120)
5. Battlefield Finds (only if you Held the Field) (pp.120-121)
7. Gather the Loot (p.121)
8. Determine Injuries and Recovery (pp.121-122)
9. Experience and Character Upgrades (p.123)


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