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Story events occur after a given amount of normal campaign turns. The amount of turns before the next story event is determined with a clock and a number of “ticks”. If you win a campaign battle, the clock ticks down 1. If you don't it can tick down 0-2. The first event of a campaign story track is set at 5 ticks.


  1. Foiled! (pg154)
    The captain was excited this morning. A big job lined up. Mega-corp, good benefits. Quite a deal. Then it all went haywire. When you showed up at the designated meeting place, hired guns were waiting for you. What’s going on?
    Clock Ticks for next Event: 3
  2. On the Trail! (pg154)
    Your snooping around has paid off. Q’narr, a smuggler and petty crook from one of the disputed sectors: you and he used to be tight back in the day, but he got a deal that you couldn’t take. You weren’t angels by any means, but it was too dirty, and you said as much. He never quite forgave you, especially since he almost got killed attempting the job himself. Looks like he’s quite the big shot now, and he’s decided to get even.
    Clock Ticks for next Event: 2 but must also travel to new world
  3. Disrupting the Plan (pg155)
    Your old friend is up to something big, and it’s time to teach his people a little lesson. You’ve found out where his organization is storing contraband for sale off-world, and you’ve decided to pay them a visit.
    Clock Ticks for next Event: 5
  4. The Enemy Strikes Back (pg156)
    A direct attack on your ship, while docked in port. They must have distracted starport security. Now you have to fight for your life!
    Clock Ticks for next Event: 3
  5. Kidnap (pg157)
    Not content with trying to kill you, Q’Narr has gone after another of your old companions. They’re out of “the business” and have been living clean for a few years, but you just got a tunnel-net message from his family, saying they had been attacked by armed goons.
    Clock Ticks for next Event: 1d6+pieces of evidence found = 7+
  6. We’re Coming! (pg158)
    You have managed to track down where they are holding your friend. It’s time to have some diplomacy, Fringe-style!
    Clock Ticks for next Event: 2
  7. Time to Settle This (pg159)
    This is it. You’ve managed to track your old rival to his hide-out. His forces are depleted and worn down. You are never going to get a better chance than this.
    Final Battle
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