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Painting progress

Time to get my misc sci-fi done. I've undercoated everything I can so far, barring my collection of Xenomorphs. I've still some painted Tyranids left that can fulfill the same role (and Xenomorphs are boring to paint).

Ape Gang

Megacity criminal gang from the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. fully painted

City Defence

Megacity militia from the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. undercoated

Demonic Cabal

Megacity criminal cult from the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game. undercoated

Mad Max

Either Mad Max inspired or Necromundan punks. undercoated


Male (mostly Games Workshop) and female (mostly Shadowforge, some Bombshell) misc modern or futuristic armed figures. males mostly painted, females undercoated


Men In Black inspired minis. Some Heroscape, some Cyberpunk. basic painted



Male (Prodos) and female (Predastore) minis, the Prodos are a larger scale but can still work. undercoated

Renegade Robots

Megacity rogue robots from the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game, Walter the robot and various other robots. partially painted

Street Punks

Strike Force

Plastic power armoured from an unknown company, may be good as Unity troops. undercoated


Last minis I have left from selling at CanCon. Games Workshop. fully painted

Representation Suggestions

Primary Aliens Look Equivalents
Human Civilian (Star Wars, Firefly) Most Judge Dredd, misc SciFi, Colonial Marines
Bot Droid (Star Wars) Renegade Robots (JD)
Engineer Quarian (Mass Effect) TBD (some kind of masked skinny scifi)
K'Erin Klingon (Star Trek) Legions of Steel (there's a Predator type race), Predators (AVP)
Soulless Geth (Mass Effect), the android (Orville) Legions of Steel (the robots)
Precursor Elf/Centaur possibly Vedran (Andromeda) Eldar/Harlequins (Warhammer)
Feral Furry, Vargr (Megatraveller) Ape Gang (JD), Beastmen, (Battlestations)
Swift Winged Saurian,Droyne (Megatraveller) Misc (I have winged humanoids, but they're fantasy)
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