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Campaign Turn

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This is an expanded version of the normal campaign turn. If we house rule in extra detail and narrative, I'll put the new steps in here and mark them bold.

Step 1


  1. Flee Invasion (pg69) if one is occuring
    2d6, 8+ to leave without fighting an Invasion Battle
  2. Choose to Travel (pg69)
    $5 in fuel for ship or $1 per crew for passage
    1. Starship Travel Event (pg70)
      d100 table
    2. New World Arrival (pg72)
      1. Check Rivals
        5+ the Rival follows you
      2. Dismiss Patrons
        Only persistent Patrons follow
      3. Check Licensing Requirements
        5+ License is required (costing $1d6 or get a forged one)
      4. World Traits
        d100 table

Step 2


  1. Upkeep (pg76)
    1. Crew
      $1 for up to 6 crew, $1 for each additional
    2. Ship Debt
      Debt is increased $1 if less than $31, otherwise by $2. If debt is $75 or more then 2d6 of 2-6 and ship is seized by authorities.
    3. Ship Repairs
      1 hull point is repaired. Additional repairs cost $1 per hull point.
    4. Medical Care
      Crew in sickbay and bots in repair reduce time by 1 turn. Additional turns can be bought off for $4 each.
  2. Crew Tasks (pg76)
    Up to 2 crew can be assigned to the same task
    • Find a Patron - Go look for someone to hire the crew.
      1d6+Crew sent+$ spent+existing Patrons. 5= 1 new, 6= 2 new Patrons.
    • Train - Go to the gun range and the gym.
      Get +1XP for that crew member
    • Trade - Try to score some new equipment.
      d100 table (pg79), 1 roll per crew sent, additional rolls $3 each.
    • Recruit - Expand your crew.
      If <6 then each member sent recruits a new member. Otherwise 1d6+Crew sent = 6+ to recruit a new member.
    • Explore - See the sights around town.
      d100 table (pg80), 1 roll per crew sent.
    • Track - Look for a Rival for a Showdown.
      if 1d6+Crew Sent+$ spent = 6+ then you Showdown with Rival of choice in Step 3
    • Repair your Kit - Try to fix broken items.
      1d6+Savvy+$ spent+1 if Engineer. 6+=repaired, natural 1=destroyed.
    • Decoy - Help avoid Rivals finding you.
      Each crew member gives +1 to roll for Rivals tracking you down.
  3. Job Offers (pg83)
    Specifically Patron Jobs
    1. Roll Patron
    2. Roll Danger Pay
    3. Roll Time Frame
    4. Roll Benefits, Hazards and Conditions
  4. Quartermaster (pg 85)
    Assign equipment between crew members and your stash as you wish
  5. Rumours (pg85)
    • If not on a quest then 1d6⇐Rumours and you get a Quest
    • If on a quest then any rumours become Quest Rumours (pg120)
  6. Choose Battle
    1. Check for Rivals
      1d6⇐Rivals then you must battle a random Rival instead of doing any other kind of job.
    2. If Rivals have not tracked you down you may:
      • Battle an Opportunity Mission
      • Showdown a Rival of choice if you successfully Tracked them
      • Continue a Quest
      • Perform a Patron Mission

Step 3

Tabletop Battle

  • If not an Invasion
    1. Deployment Conditions (pg88)
    2. Notable Sights (pg89)
    3. If not an attack by a Rival
      • Objective (pg89)
      • Determine Enemy
        d100 table (pg94)
    4. If attacked by a Rival
      • Determine Rival Attack Type (pg91)
      • Determine Enemy if they are a new Rival
        d100 table (pg94)
  • Invasion (pg92)
    Hold out for 6 rounds against +2 enemies, there are no win conditions. Any crew leaving the table prematurely are casualties.
  • Number of Enemies (pg93)
    2d6, take higher result with modifiers
    • If you face 3-6, one will be a Specialist
    • If you face 7+, two will be Specialists
    • If you face 4+, one will be a Lieutenant
    • If not facing Roving Threats or an Invasion then 2d6 of 9+ and you also get a Unique Individual
  1. Set up Terrain (pg 108)
    For 2×2 area, at least 2 Large, 4 Small and 2 Linear terrain pieces
    • At least 2 should be climbable
    • At least 1 should offer a high elevation firing position
    • At least 1 should be enterable
  2. Randomly Choose Side
  3. Set up Enemy (pg111)
    Based on their AI
  4. Battle
    1. Seize the Initiative (pg112)
    2. Round
      1. Reaction Roll (pg113)
        (Deployed Crew d6 rolls, ⇐Reaction to activate for Quick, otherwise Slow)
      2. Quick Actions
        Optional Move then optional Combat in that order (using two Free Actions and you get no Combat action). May Snap Fire.
      3. Enemy Actions
        Optional Move then optional Combat in that order based on AI
      4. Slow Actions
        Optional Move then optional Combat in that order (using two Free Actions and you get no Combat action)
      5. End Phase (pg 114)
        • Running Away - test enemy morale
        • End the battle if:
          • You achieved your objective
          • You Held the Field (all enemies are fled or casualties)
          • All you crew are fled or casualties
          • You played “It's Time to Go”

Optional, after round 2 and round 4 you may roll for a Battle Event (pg116)

Step 4

Post Battle Sequence

  1. Rivals (pg119)
    • If you didn't fight a Rival on 1d6 of 1, they become a Rival
    • If you fought a Rival, 1d6 of 4+ and they stop being Rivals. +1 if you Held the Field, +1 if you Tracked them, +1 if you killed a Unique Individual
  2. Patrons
    • If you succeed on a Patron mission, they become a regular Patron contact for this planet unless it was a one-time contract
  3. Quest (pg120)
    • If you fought a mission that was part of a Quest, 1d6 ⇐3 the Quest fails, 4-6 get a Quest Rumour, 7+ conclude the Quest, the next Quest mission will be a Straight Up Fight with +1 enemies that are fearless
    • Add +1 to this roll for every Quest Rumour. -2 if you did not win the battle
    • If you got 4+ rol 1d6, on 5+ the next Quest mission is on another World.
  4. Payoff (pg120)
    • Earn 1d6 for the battle unless it's an Invasion.
    • If it's a concluding Quest roll 2d6 and take the higher and add +1.
    • If you completed the objective and it wasn't a Rival fight, treat any roll of 1 or 2 as a 3.
  5. Battlefield Finds
    • If you Held the Field roll on the d100 table (pg121)
  6. Invasion
    • If the enemy you faced is listed as an Invasion Threat roll 2d6 on a 9+ the World is about to be invaded next campaign turn.
    • +1 if you acquired Invasion Evidence
    • -1 if you Held the Field
  7. Loot
    • If not an Invasion roll once on the Loot Table (pg131)
    • If it was a final Quest mission roll three times instead
  8. Injuries
    • Casualties (that weren't taken out just by stun) must roll on the injury table (pg122)
  9. Experience (pg123)
    • Crew that aren't Bots earn and may spend XP
  10. Advanced Training (pg124)
    • One crew member may attempt to get training $1 and 2d6 of 4+ to get in.
    • The course cost may be paid with unspent XP and/or credits
  11. Acquisitions (pg125)
    • $3 per roll on the Military Weapon, Gear or Gadget Table (pgs28-29)
    • $1 to buy a Handgun, Blade, Colony Rifle or Shotgun
    • 3 undamaged items may be sold for $1 each
    • You may acquire a ship if you don't have one
    • You may get ship upgrades
  12. Campaign Event
    • d100 table (pg126)
  13. Character Event
    • Randomly choose a non-Bot, non-Soulless crew member and roll on the d100 table (pg128)
  14. Galactic War Progress (pg126)
    • 2d6 roll for previously invaded worlds
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