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Judge Dredd Miniatures Game

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I'll have things ready by March this year - it's when folk may have spare time to actually play. It'll be the “Blood on the Streets” style campaign which includes controlling territories, taking hostages from other players and managing a gang's equipment. It's very similar to Necromunda.

However - the campaign is worded for criminal gangs. So if playing Judges - regard credits as “citizens unharassed and able to support their local sector house” and it helps requisitioning. Also mercenaries are allies and re-inforcements for Judges.



Due to a trade with someone who backed the kickstarter, I've the following unpainted miniatures

  • Justice Dept – Street Judge 1 (150c); Street Judge 2 (150c); Street Judge 3 (150c); Psi-Judge (175c); Tek-Judge (160c); Med-Judge (150c); Riot Judge with Shield (190c); Riot Judge with Foam (190c).
  • Caligula's Personal Retinue – Chief Judge Caligula (150c); 2x SJS Judge (225c); Street Judge (150c); Street Judge 2 (150c); 2x Klegg 1 (190c); Klegg 2 (190c)
  • Angel Gang – Cursed Earth’s fave psycho family: Pa (205c), Link (195c), Fink (with Ratty) (285c), Junior (165c) and Mean (325c) - with Mean in full head buttin' mode, turned up all the way to 4½!
  • Cursed Earth Desperados - 2x Desperado with Cleaver (65c); Mutant with Handgun (30c); Mutant with Stump Gun (30c); 2x Desperado with Axe (45c); Mutant with Double-barrelled Stump Gun (35c); Desperado with Dual Weapons (55c)
  • Street Gang – Juve with club (15c); Juve with handgun and club (25c); Juve girl with handgun (20c); Juve with handgun 1 (20c); Juve with handgun 2; Juve with Handgun 3 (20c); Punk with heavy spit gun (95c); Punk with laser rifle (90c)
  • Renegade Robots – Combat Droid (210c); Demolition Droid (180c); Junk Droid (25c); Servo Droid with Chainsaw (90c); Servo Droid with Stump Gun (50c); Servo Droid with Spit Gun (90c); 2x Robot Dogs (30c).
  • Specialist Judges - Med-Judge with Lightweight Armour (120c); Academy of Law Tutor (250c); Tek-Judge with Lightweight Armour (130c); Flying Squad Judge (aka jump-pack judge); Space Corps Judge (270c); Heavy Weapons Judge (175c); Female SJS Judge (225c); Exorcist Judge (190c).
  • Holocaust Judges - 2x Holocaust Judge HS/1 (500c); 1x Holocaust Judge HS/2 (500c)
  • Judges of the World - Emerald Isle Judge; Hondo City Judge; Luxor Judge; Oz City Judge; Texas City Judge; Cal-Hab Judge; Banana City Judge; Vatican City Judge)
  • 2x East Meg Invasion Force (Sov Judges) – each contains three Sov Judges (95c), a Senior Sov Judge (320c), a Sov Officer (100c), a Satellat (?c) and a Sentenoid (275c).
  • Dark Judges - Judges Fire (800c), Fear (800c), Death (900c) and Mortis (800c), along with each of their 'spirit' forms.
  • Citi-Def - Citi-Def Officer (95c), Citi-Def Soldier 1 (100c); Citi-Def Solider 2 (100c); Citi-Def Soldier with twin spit pistols (125c); Heavy Weapons Soldier (150c); Soldier with Rocket Launcher (150c); Jaeger Squad Commando (175c); Med-Tech (80c).
  • Demonic Cabal – Warlock (50c); Cultist 1 (20c); Cultist 2 (20c); Cultist 3 (20c); Possessed cultist (20c); Lesser Demon (50c); Large Demon (100c).
  • Zombie Mistress (95c)
  • Zombie Judge (?c)
  • 3x zombie citizens (15c)
  • Judge Dredd 1 (625c)
  • Judge Dredd 2 (625c)
  • Judge DeMarco (275c)
  • Chief Judge Hershey (465c)
  • Psi-Judge Anderson (570c)
  • Judge Dekker (250c)
  • Judge Giant (375c)
  • Judge cadet - male (75c)
  • Judge cadet - female (75c)
  • Chief Judge Caligula (150c)
  • SJS Judge (225c)
  • Specialist Weapons Judge (with choice of Lawrod or Widowmaker)
  • Walter the Robot
  • Galen De Marco, PI (250c) and Travis Perkins (200c)
  • Exorcist Judge (190c)
  • Mechanismo Mk 1 (295c)
  • Fergee, King of the Big Smelly (155c)
  • Sabbat (700c)
  • Oola Blint (70c)
  • Electro-Cordon (25c)

Bought since the Kickstarter

  • Ape Gang

Bold Text = To be painted
Underlined Text = Painted
(?c) = cost in credits


I've also got some cardboard terrain that arrived around August 2014 from another kickstarter (yet to be assembled). It includes the following terrain:

Which can make something like thise:

Another trade has arrived in the mail - assembled and partially painted-

Another trade for old Games Workshop Genestealer Hybrid army-

Stuff I bought at CanCon 2015, but haven't yet finished painting

This MDF building unfolds into 2 storeys. I've got 4 of them

3 of these 4 of these - all assembled, not yet painted.

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