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Painting Progress


Folks have voted on what Judge Dredd minis I should paint first. So gathered them together. I found I had 8 scifi base inserts left over from a kick starter and I saw the Street Gang had that many. So decorative bases added! I've also undercoated them for painting tomorrow


I've done half the base colours now


Finished base colouring

Finished painting and varnished them


I've decided to do the Renegade Robots next and the Judges voted on last - because I've not yet decided how to do the bases of the Judges. For the Robots, I'm going to change them from the 25mm round they come with to some 30mm indented round as most of the figures are larger than human sized and would have a larger reach. Also they'll be more stable. I'll be puting debris on their bases as though they've demolish a block.


I've based the robots. I've also included two pets from the Bombshell range because I thought the cute r2d2 types would make good mini robots. For the demolished buildings I'm using the laser cut sprues from my 4ground building with dirt as flock. The base itself will probably be road/pavement.


One Robodog painted, and I've made a basic futuristic building out of 4Ground building sprue. I should be able to do at least 2 more. They'll look decent once painted.


Ape Gang based and undercoated


Ape Gang base coloured. CNC buildings base coloured. CNC tunnels assembled. Mantic blockhouses assembled and undercoated


Styrofoam/MDF conglomerate base boards for a 4“ x 4” table base coloured.

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