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The Game

Using the wiki

The GM or a player will create pages for each location a character visits. These pages will be for descriptive text in a fantasy novel third-person narrative style. Players will not be writing for anyone other than their own characters in most cases (the exception being if there are family/friends/dependants - or in game terms, followers/DNPCs)

Style changes for things like character thoughts and emotions can occur, but links to new pages will mostly be used to put in any information that is outside of what everyone should know - ie player to gm queries, personal thoughts or secret notes.

Every page has a discussion page attached to it (that link next to the article link in the top left). The discussion page is for “table talk” - any OOC (out of character) discussions, rules or dice rolls.

Anyhow, let the GM what you think or if you have better suggestions.

Page creation taxonomy

Big to small basically- Country → State/Fief/Region → Settlement → Street → Building → Floor → Room

It'll help keep things organised, but not necessarily easy to find - so it's important to always check recent changes to find out who has added to what.

BTW, don't worry if you get it wrong, it's easy for me to move pages around.

First Session

  • Introductions - Player's introduce their characters (to occur after we make up characters) 🙂
  • On the road - Where the GM sets the scene of the character arriving at wherever the first adventure takes place. (to occur after Introduction)

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