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Art - Fantasy

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Campaign Settings


  • Here Be Dragons
    Your online dragon resource for everything you want to know about dragons: Dragon history, dragon tattoos, dragon art, pictures of dragons, as well as dragon links to find gifts, collectables and figurines for the dragonlover in your life
  • The Dragon Bestiary
    Translated from German

Fantasy Hero

  • Surbrook's Stuff
    “Surbrook's Stuff” has a large collection of creatures from manysources suitable for fantasy gaming, in the section on Creatures From Myth And Legend
  • Sysabend
    Webdirectory for Hero
  • The SavageEarth
    Fantasy anthropomorphic
  • Ultimate Grimoire
    Ultimate Grimoire is a source for HERO 5E magicspells and items, and spell system design advice.
  • High Fantasy HERO
    Killer Shrike's High Fantasy HERO site. Hundreds of Race and Profession Packages, thousands of spells and heroic effects, dozens of Magic Systems and Characters, highly detailed conversions of D&D and Warhammer FRPG editions, and many long articles full of discussion, advice, and guidelines on diverse topics of importance to the Fantasy genre such as arms and armaments, magic system design, limitations to use to simulate different kinds of magical effects, starting character considerations, and so on.

Fantasy Roleplaying Reference



Languages - Elvish



Online Tools

Other Systems - Dragaera

Other Systems - Forgotten Realms

  • Cormanthyr
    Cormanthyr is a subsidiary site of the Dlabraddath net. It is asite dedicated to Dungeons and Dragons Elves, especially those of the ForgottenRealms ~ their sub races; psychology; mental and physical attributes; culture and society; deities and religion; history; NPCs; music language and more.

Other Systems - Gloratha

  • Hero Wars
    This site is dedicated to the roleplaying game HeroQuest (formerly known as Hero Wars), and the fantasy world Glorantha. If you want to now moreabout HeroQuest and Glorantha, check out the official homepage.
  • HeroQuest
    HeroQuest is a roleplaying game set in the mythical world of Glorantha. Go to our products page for a complete listing of available products.
  • Heroquest Glorantha
    The old world is over, and we must exterminate Chaos to saveit.
  • Pete's Runequest andRoleplaying
    It's one of the oldest online, and a lot of material has accumulated over time. You'll find adventures, art, NPCs, and tons of otherstuff here.
  • Wesley's Glorantha Site
    Glorantha is a world of Myth and Magic where Man lives side-by-side with Uz, Mostali, Aldyra, Drulz and other stranger races.

Other Systems - Harn

Other Systems - Lord of the Rings/MERP

Other Systems - Warhammer


  • AutoREALM
    A detailed free fantasy mapping program for interiors and exteriors, with optional square or hex grid overlay.
  • Dundjinni
    Not only a great mapping tool, but the user forums have tons of maps/adventures posted. Unfortunately specifically tailored to D20.
  • MapX
    A great free mapping tool. The author is currently putting out a new version called DewMap, but the current version of MapX can still be downloaded.
    This great office suite has a drawing program that is very adept at making maps. Layering, transparency, and clip-art are all supported.
  • OpenRPG
    Online virtual tabletop
  • PCGen
    Character creation program (generic)



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