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Dungeon World

The Overlord's Wake


Stuff for the free RPG that can be found here-




Random Generators


Mostly this is just compilations of resources other folk have done into tables I find useful.

  • Playbooks - List of printed playbooks available to me
  • Races - Normally races are a subset of a class chosen in character creation. However, some hacks on DW specifically combine one race to one class, or there are races that have no class.
  • Compendium Classes - Compendium classes are somewhere between the old D&D prestige classes and multiclass. If during the course of adventuring you get high enough level, and the right circumstances trigger it- you can add a Compendium Class to your current class. These can be simple things like learning a martial art or even being bitten by a vampire.
  • Hacks - Variants to the basic DW rules that are game changing.
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