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  • Bard - SRD version, Traditional PDFVariant PDF, Variant PDF 2
    The poems say an adventurer’s life is all open roads and the glory of coin and combat. The tales told in every farmhand-filled inn have to have some ring of truth to them, don’t they? The songs to inspire peasantry and royals alike—to soothe the savage beast or drive men to a frenzy—have to come from somewhere.
    Enter the bard. You, with your smooth tongue and quick wit. You teller-of-tales and singer-of-songs. It takes a mere minstrel to retell a thing but a true bard to live it. Strap on your boots, noble orator. Sharpen that hidden dagger and take up the call. Someone’s got to be there, fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with the goons and the thugs and the soon-to-be-heroes. Who better than you to write the tale of your own heroism?
    Nobody. Get going.
    • RACE: Elf or Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Good, Neutral or Chaotic
  • Cleric - SRD version, Traditional PDF, Variant PDF, Variant PDF 2
    The lands of Dungeon World are a gods-forsaken mess. They’re lousy with the walking dead, beasts of all sorts, and the vast unnatural spaces between safe and temple-blessed civilizations. It is a godless world out there. That’s why it needs you.
    Bringing the glory of your god to the heathens isn’t just in your nature—it’s your calling. It falls to you to proselytize with sword and mace and spell. To cleave deep into the witless heart of the wilds and plant the seed of divinity there. Some say that it is best to keep god close to your heart. You know that’s rubbish. God lives at the edge of a blade.
    Show the world who is lord.
    • RACE: Dwarf or Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Good, Lawful or Evil
  • Druid - SRD version, Traditional PDF, Variant PDF
    Cast your eyes around the fire. What has brought you to these people, stinking of the dust and sweat of the city? Perhaps it is a kindness—do you protect them as the mother bear watches over her cubs? Are they your pack, now? Strange brothers and sisters you have. Whatever your inspiration, they would certainly fail without your sharp senses and sharper claws.
    You are of the sacred spaces; you are born of soil and wear the marks of her spirits on your skin. You may have had a life before, maybe you were a city dweller like them, but not now. You’ve given up that static shape. Listen to your allies pray to their carved stone gods and polish their silver shells. They speak of the glory they’ll find back in that festering town you left behind.
    Their gods are children, their steel is false protection. You walk the old ways, you wear the pelts of the earth itself. You’ll take your share of the treasure, but will you ever walk as one of them? Only time will tell.
    • RACE: Elf, Human or Halfling
    • ALIGNMENT: Good, Neutral or Chaotic
  • Fighter - SRD version, Traditional PDF, Variant PDF
    It’s a thankless job—living day to day by your armor and the skill of your arm. To dive heedlessly into danger. They won’t be playing golden horns for the time you took that knife to the ribs for them in the bar in Bucksberg. No flock of angels to sing of the time you dragged them, still screaming, from the edge of the Pits of Madness, no.
    Forget them.
    You do this for the guts and the glory. The scream of battle and the hot, hot blood of it. You are a beast of iron. Your friends may carry blades of forged steel but, fighter, you are steel. While your traveling companions might moan about their wounds over a campfire in the wilderness, you bear your scars with pride.
    You are the wall—let every danger smash itself to nothing on you. In the end, you’ll be the last one standing.
    • RACE: Dwarf, Elf, Halfling or Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Good, Neutral or Evil
  • Paladin - SRD version, Traditional PDF, Variant PDF
    Hell awaits. An eternity of torment in fire or ice or whatever best suits the sins of the damned throngs of Dungeon World. All that stands between the pits of that grim torture and salvation is you. Holy man, armored war machine, templar of the Good and the Light, right? The cleric may say his prayers at night to the gods, dwelling in their heavens. The fighter may wield his sharp sword in the name of “good” but you know. Only you.
    Eyes, hands, and sweet killing blow of the gods, you are. Yours is the gift of righteousness and virtue. Of justice. Vision, too. A purity of intent that your companions do not have.
    So guide these fools, paladin. Take up your holy cause and bring salvation to the wastrel world.
    Vae victis, right?
    • RACE: Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Good or Lawful
  • Ranger - SRD versionTraditional PDF, Variant PDF, Variant PDF 2
    These city-born folk you travel with. Have they heard the call of the wolf? Felt the winds howl in the bleak deserts of the East? Have they hunted their prey with the bow and the knife like you? Hell no. That’s why they need you.
    Guide. Hunter. Creature of the wilds. You are these things and more. Your time in the wilderness may have been solitary until now, but the call of some greater thing—call it fate if you like—has cast your lot with these folk. Brave, they may be. Powerful and strong, too. You know the secrets of the spaces between, though.
    Without you, they’d be lost. Blaze a trail through the blood and dark, strider.
    • RACE: Elf or Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Good, Neutral or Chaotic
  • Thief - SRD version, Traditional PDF, Variant PDF
    You’ve heard them, sitting around the campfire. Bragging about this battle or that. About how their gods are smiling on your merry band. You count your coins and smile to yourself—this is the thrill above all. You alone know the secret of Dungeon World—filthy filthy lucre.
    Sure, they give you lip for all the times you’ve snuck off alone but without you, who among them wouldn’t have been dissected by a flying guillotine or poisoned straight to death by some ancient needle trap? So, let them complain. When you’re done with all this delving you’ll toast their hero’s graves.
    From your castle. Full of gold. You rogue.
    • RACE: Halfling or Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Evil, Neutral or Chaotic
  • Wizard - SRD version, Traditional PDF, Variant PDF
    Dungeon World has rules. Not the laws of men or the rule of some petty tyrant. Bigger, better rules. You drop something—it falls. You can’t make something out of nothing. The dead stay dead, right?
    Oh, the things we tell ourselves to feel better about the long, dark nights.
    You’ve spent so very long poring over those tomes of yours. The experiments that nearly drove you mad and all the botched summonings that endangered your very soul. For what? For power. What else is there? Not just the power of King or Country but the power to boil a man’s blood in his veins. To call on the thunder of the sky and the churn of the roiling earth. To shrug off the rules the world holds so dear.
    Let them cast their sidelong glances. Let them call you “warlock” or “diabolist.” Who among them can hurl fireballs from their eyes?
    Yeah. We didn’t think so.
    • RACE: Elf or Human
    • ALIGNMENT: Good, Neutral or Evil


  • Arcane Duelist - SRD version, Traditional PDF
    Battle is not a means to an end: It is an art. Where others see nothing but chaos and desperation, you refine an inner poetry of steel and fire that they cannot hope to comprehend, much less match. If you are lucky, you may find a rival able to match your skill. But even these brief connections can end only in victory defeat: The path you walk is ultimately lonely, but it is yours.
    The arcane duelist is a base class for the Dungeon World system. The arcane duelist weaves magic and martial skill together to form a style entirely his or her own. Acquire deadly new techniques, then combine them in new ways at a moment’s inspiration to make the battlefield your canvas!


  1. abjurer.pdf
  2. aeromancer.pdf
  3. air_bender.pdf
  4. alchemist.pdf
  5. allomancer.pdf
  6. arcane_duelist.pdf
  7. archeologist.pdf
  8. artificer.pdf
  9. artificer_2.pdf
  10. avatar.pdf
  11. awakened_mage.pdf
  12. barbarian.pdf
  13. barbarian_2.pdf
  14. bard.pdf
  15. bard_2.pdf
  16. bard_3.pdf
  17. bardhack.pdf
  18. baron.pdf
  19. battlemind.pdf
  20. beast.pdf
  21. beguiler.pdf
  22. beguiler_2.pdf
  23. berserker.pdf
  24. binder.pdf
  25. black_knight.pdf
  26. blackguard.pdf
  27. blessed.pdf
  28. bloodmagehack.pdf
  29. branded.pdf
  30. brawler.pdf
  31. burglar.pdf
  32. caller.pdf
  33. celtic_bard.pdf
  34. changeling.pdf
  35. charlatan.pdf
  36. city_thief.pdf
  37. cleric.pdf
  38. cleric_2.pdf
  39. cleric_3.pdf
  40. clerichack.pdf
  41. cloak.pdf
  42. commoner.pdf
  43. con_artist.pdf
  44. conjuror.pdf
  45. cursed_armour.pdf
  46. deftblade.pdf
  47. desperate.pdf
  48. disciple.pdf
  49. dragon.pdf
  50. dragon_knight.pdf
  51. dragonmarked.pdf
  52. dreamcatcher.pdf
  53. drider.pdf
  54. druid.pdf
  55. druid_2.pdf
  56. druidhack.pdf
  57. dwarf.pdf
  58. earth_bender.pdf
  59. ectomancer.pdf
  60. elementalist.pdf
  61. elf.pdf
  62. enchanter.pdf
  63. familiar.pdf
  64. fighter.pdf
  65. fighter_2.pdf
  66. fighterhack.pdf
  67. fire_bender.pdf
  68. flow_monk.pdf
  69. fool.pdf
  70. gladiator.pdf
  71. gladiator_2.pdf
  72. gnome.pdf
  73. gnome_2.pdf
  74. goblin.pdf
  75. grave_knight.pdf
  76. guardian.pdf
  77. gunslinger.pdf
  78. hack_n_slasher.pdf
  79. half-elf.pdf
  80. half-orc.pdf
  81. halfling.pdf
  82. heir.pdf
  83. hobgoblin.pdf
  84. human.pdf
  85. hunter.pdf
  86. hydromancer.pdf
  87. immolator.pdf
  88. improved_fighter.pdf
  89. initiate.pdf
  90. investigator.pdf
  91. juggernaughthack.pdf
  92. kalashtar.pdf
  93. knight_2.pdf
  94. knight_errant.pdf
  95. kobold.pdf
  96. krampus.pdf
  97. lawyer.pdf
  98. leader.pdf
  99. leader_2.pdf
  100. luminary_adept.pdf
  101. mage.pdf
  102. magic-user.pdf
  103. magician.pdf
  104. marksman.pdf
  105. mask_master.pdf
  106. master_artist.pdf
  107. mimic.pdf
  108. mindrider.pdf
  109. monk.pdf
  110. monster_trainer.pdf
  111. muscle.pdf
  112. mutable.pdf
  113. namer.pdf
  114. necromancer.pdf
  115. nephilim.pdf
  116. noble.pdf
  117. orc.pdf
  118. pagan.pdf
  119. paladin.pdf
  120. paladin_2.pdf
  121. paladinhack.pdf
  122. panacea.pdf
  123. peerless_fighter.pdf
  124. princess.pdf
  125. prisoner_monk.pdf
  126. psion.pdf
  127. psion_2.pdf
  128. psychic.pdf
  129. pyromancer.pdf
  130. ranger.pdf
  131. ranger_2.pdf
  132. ranger_3.pdf
  133. rangerhack.pdf
  134. reaper.pdf
  135. rebel.pdf
  136. red_mage.pdf
  137. reincarnated.pdf
  138. reptilian.pdf
  139. robard.pdf
  140. rock.pdf
  141. rune_carver.pdf
  142. saint.pdf
  143. samurai.pdf
  144. sanguisage.pdf
  145. savage.pdf
  146. schemer.pdf
  147. scrapper.pdf
  148. shade.pdf
  149. shadowbinder.pdf
  150. shaman.pdf
  151. shaman_2.pdf
  152. shaper.pdf
  153. shifter.pdf
  154. shokunin.pdf
  155. shrike.pdf
  156. sibyl.pdf
  157. skinwalker.pdf
  158. slayerhack.pdf
  159. sorcerer.pdf
  160. sorcerer_2.pdf
  161. sorcerer_3.pdf
  162. sorcerer_4.pdf
  163. spellcaster.pdf
  164. spellthief.pdf
  165. spy.pdf
  166. stolen.pdf
  167. stormwiz.pdf
  168. stormwizspell.pdf
  169. strongman.pdf
  170. summoner.pdf
  171. the_level_0.pdf
  172. thief.pdf
  173. thief_2.pdf
  174. thiefhack.pdf
  175. trickster.pdf
  176. true_friend.pdf
  177. unicorn.pdf
  178. vampire.pdf
  179. vampire_killer.pdf
  180. villager.pdf
  181. virtuous.pdf
  182. visitant.pdf
  183. voice.pdf
  184. wardancer.pdf
  185. warforged.pdf
  186. warg.pdf
  187. warlock.pdf
  188. warlock_2.pdf
  189. warlord.pdf
  190. warlord_2.pdf
  191. wizard_2.pdf
  192. wizard_3.pdf
  193. wizardhack.pdf
  194. would_be_hero.pdf
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