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The Book of the War

The Book of the War

An All-Purpose Guide to the Modern Spiral Politic

'The War (and at this stage it remains the War, not yet having enough of its mass in a single region or era to be given a more specific title) has now been in progress for fifty years. The dead are already numbered in their billions; the retro-dead will never be counted; the surviving participants are best described not as wounded“ but as “changed”. A timeline has been provided, although increasingly observers describe the War as a shape rather than a sequence of events, a map of causality much like the ones used by the Great Houses themselves…' ”

Series Overview

Layered, intellectual and loaded with skull mask-wearing people racing about in a very New Orleans-style fashion, the Faction Paradox novel range is a string of stand-alone books occurring throughout the FP universe as described in The Book of the War. The first book in the series, This Town Will Never Let Us Go by Faction Paradox creator Lawrence Miles, is a stand-alone book featuring the 19-year-old Inangela–a city-dweller under observation by Faction Paradox's elders and archons. Before this story's done, Inangela learns the truth about cities: The things that build them and the half-formed, all-devouring things that lie in wait beneath the streets, tracing the invisible patterns of the world above. It's an urban folktale of rituals, monstrosities and all-night snackbars, meaning anyone who reads This Town Will Never Let Us Go is guaranteed to be seeing secret messages in the road-signs for weeks to come. This Town Will Never Let Us Go published in October 2003. The second book in the series, Of the City of the Saved... by Phil Purser-Hallard, focuses on an inexplicable haven for humanity at the end of this Universe–was published at the end of April. Other Faction Paradox novels include Warlords of Utopia by Lance Parkin and Warring States by Mags L. Halliday.


A fan made apocrypha is now available online here - dronid

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