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  • Dronid, ancient home of the rival Presidency.
  • Dronid, a perfect site for the Faction.
  • Dronid, a culture already littered with time-active relics of the Great Houses.
  • Dronid, whose natives have become partly dependent on the salvaged technology.
  • Dronid, one of the most unashamedly corrupt worlds in the whole of the sentient continuum.

Safeguards left behind by the Houses ensure that the locals are unable to abuse this technology to too great a degree

The Book of the War

The Book of the War

Appendix to the Apocrypha

Fan contributions to the Faction Paradox mythos

Inspired by "The Book of the War" edited by Lawrence Miles and written by Lawrence Miles, Simon Bucher-Jones, Daniel O'Mahony, Ian McIntire, Mags L. Halliday, Helen Fayle, Phil Purser-Hallard, Kelly Hale, Jonathan Dennis and Mark Clapham. Published by Mad Norwegian Press

The Spirits

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