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The Angier-Kaarvok Galvanic Duplication Device

The Device The machine from “The Prestige” - the last great work of Nikola Tesla.

Use of this machine creates a duplicate of the person 300 metres away in the direction they entered the machine. Vast amounts of galvonic energy are used and it does cause brown-out on any machines powered by the local Tessla Array within 400 metres.

The duplicate is exactly the same, but with Corruption of 4 in whatever area the original had the most Corruption.

Plot ideas-

  1. The PCs acquire the machine and use it, discovering the inherent Corruption quite quickly when something occurs to the duplicate to give them one more.
  2. The PCs are aware of the inherent Corruption, but try to use it to create a less-mad version of a PC that had previously gained 5 Corruption. This poses the problem of what to do with the original, and how to capture it.
  3. The machine is mass produced as a transportation device before the duplication or Corruption problems are discovered.
  4. A mad scientist sets up a number of these machines around the city for transportation for themselves only, and corrupt duplicates start using them to create a megalomaniacal army of one to take over the city.
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