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Plots involving equipment that affects the PCs in some way as a main ingredient.

  Comic Equipment List List of items used in the comics * Absorbapods * thrown objects that absorb energy from a target, good for disabling robots, charact… , ,
  Doctor Forrester's Patent Disanimate Gas Just one spray and animates go away! Lord it over the horde! Works on single, multiple, streets full of animates! An … , , ,
  Equipment * Comic Equipment List General Costs Basic cost of Mediocre * Not related to your career +1 cost * Not related to a skill you have +1 cost … ,
  Necrotech A further advancement on organ donation or mechanic galvanic parts - the surgical implantation of animate organs. Necrotech skin regenerates over wo… , ,
  The Angier-Kaarvok Galvanic Duplication Device [The Device] The machine from “The Prestige” - the last great work of Nikola Tesla. Use of this machine creates… , , ,
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