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Doctor Forrester's Patent Disanimate Gas

Just one spray and animates go away! Lord it over the horde! Works on single, multiple, streets full of animates!

An up-and-coming alchemist who has not yet fully experimented with his invention, but nevertheless has a firm grip on marketting. The product is a vile yellow gas that smells of sulphur. It can be distributed in grenades, pumped through pipes or kept in containers. It's mildly acidic so can only be stored in glass containers for extended periods. It works exactly as specified. Spray the gas in a large area, and within ten minutes any animates will begin falling to the ground, completely un-animated.

What is not specified is that this is only a temporary chemical change while the gas works its way into the nervous systems of the animates.

A random amount of time later (not shorter than half an hour) the animates will reanimate. The gas side effect is that all the animates will now be modular.

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