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Pages related to plots or plot hooks.

 Babbling Brook Fresh, clean drinking water has appeared, free of charge, in one of the poor areas of London. It all comes from a mysterious pump that appeared …, , ,
 Doctor Forrester's Patent Disanimate Gas Just one spray and animates go away! Lord it over the horde! Works on single, multiple, streets full of animates! An …, , ,
 First Church of the Rapture An underground subversive cult that views animates as God's final mop up. The ongoing efforts of people in authority to stem the ti…, ,
 In charge of the madhouse Ever since the noted highborn dilitante and alchemist, Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton was placed as the governor of Wormwood Scrubs, the p…, , ,
 Lyonesse An entire self contained, self supporting city beneath the sea. From algae farms to children's nurseries - it's a brave new world. The Blight does no…, ,
 My Bloody Valentine A sentient vampire obsessively lusts after one of the PCs. That PC possesses some kind of token or artifact that is taboo to the vampire, h…, ,
 Necrotech A further advancement on organ donation or mechanic galvanic parts - the surgical implantation of animate organs. Necrotech skin regenerates over wo…, ,
 Plague Ship Midnight: the harbour docks are quarantined. A mysterious ship autodocked. The ocean liner Orpheus, in from its last stop in scandinavia arrived u…, , , ,
 The Angier-Kaarvok Galvanic Duplication Device [The Device] The machine from “The Prestige” - the last great work of Nikola Tesla. Use of this machine creates…, , ,
 The Book of the Dead While investigating a dig in Egypt, Sir Lawrence Walthorpe happened upon a series of religious scrolls. The Egyption book of the dead - a …, , ,
 The Cloud A new evolution of the Plague and the Blight. Too many modular animates have been disposed of. The smoke of the fires, the chemical smog of the alch…, ,
 The Enemy, Hydden All PCs are Aristocrats (or sons and daughters of the same) in the higher echelons of society, trying to maintain their façades of respectabi…, ,
 The Giant A new variant on the animate - a modular Zombie Lord has appeared. In itself it has the dangers of modular zombies and the ability to organise other …, ,
 The Invisible Man Samuel Kemp has developed a machine that makes him invisible. Using the ambient galvonic field generated by a city's Tessla Array, the device…, , ,
 The Will A sentient vampire (or murderous psychotic) has hit upon a great scheme to acquire food at semiregular intervals. Pretending to be the rich great unc…, , ,
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