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An entire self contained, self supporting city beneath the sea. From algae farms to children's nurseries - it's a brave new world.

The Blight does not reach the seabeds, the animate cannot overcome the currents and the depths. No outside contact is needed with the carbon dioxide recycling plants that the scientists devised when they first envisioned Lyonesse.

As one would expect, Arthurian legend is a major factor in the culture of the subcommunity of Lyonesse. The council is referred to as “The Table”, laws are enforced with Knights rather than policemen and the place is a monarchy. The King is one of the original founders of the underwater city, existing on anti-agapic potions for a hundred years.

Spontaneous animation through the Plague is unheard of in Lyonesse. Life is almost idyllic except for the oppressive fascistic government, inner party politicing and causeless paranoia.

The Plague affects this city in a more insidious manner.

Sterility is becoming a major factor, not just amongst the humans and near-humans, but also amongst the plants that provide the food. Thank Arthur, it hasn't yet started to affect the plants providing the air. Although those plants behave rather oddly - it's almost as if they sense your presence or have minds of their own.

Some of the restaurants are experimenting into the new haut cuisine that the more degenerate and depraved lords have been developing tastes for, and more and more homeless are disappearing from the streets (odd, that it seems somehow connected).

The bottom line - gradually, year by year, the entire population in its enclosed community is becoming animate.

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