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The Will

A sentient vampire (or murderous psychotic) has hit upon a great scheme to acquire food at semiregular intervals.

Pretending to be the rich great uncle or grandfather of a variety of slightly related non-Aristrocrats, he uses the money from previous successful feeding sessions to masquerade as wealthy for a short period of time.

A small amount of socialising, the odd dinner party with temporarily employed servants and staff - to impress upon this victims how wealthy he is, how he misses his family, and how he gathered his wealth in overseas expeditions. However - due to his failing health, he felt he needed to return home and reaquaint himself with his family.

Any sorcerous means he finds to induce belief that he is family, he will use.

Then he sets up his “childhood home” - a pre prepared abandoned house in one of the worse areas of town. It has a basement and retraint equipment. This is his larder. He may lapse into stories of how he grew up there, but had to leave after some Plague outbreak and that it's now haunted.

After that - he simply fakes his own death. With minimal social contact - a letter from a lawyer about the will should be sufficient.

The conditions of the will are that they must spend a night in his childhood home, of course.

When they do - he picks them off one by one, and stores them in the basement until he requires them. Passersby or investigators may hear the odd scream - which should tie in with the “haunted” legend.

As an immortal - he may have many groups of relatives that he's set up over the years. Some may only have heard rumours of a rich uncle - but it all lends credence to the will.

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