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Plots involving an artifact, relic or particularly unique item as a main ingredient.

  Alec Trevelian and the Insidious Plot of the Murder Colonels The Murder Colonels from Beyond use Alec's silent movie as a beachhead into this dimension! * … , , , , ,
  Babbling Brook Fresh, clean drinking water has appeared, free of charge, in one of the poor areas of London. It all comes from a mysterious pump that appeared … , , ,
  Finnegan vs The New Roman Empire The exciting tale of Finnegan's fight against the rise of the Fascist state. Sent to stay with his Italian relatives, Finnegan… , , , , , ,
  Kitty Smithson and the Bone Cat of Troy Travelling through Europe after the war, Kitty finds herself at the excavation of Troy. The Bone Cat - fragile, stylise… , , , , ,
  Marconi's Cadaverous Prototype Aspects * Communicate with spirits Appearances * Cairo Fortunes spirit artifact marconi_cadaverous_prototype , ,
  Mr White versus The Red Claw Tracking down a mafia-like asian gang that killed one of his parents, Mr White hunts them down and kills their leader. * Aspect… , , , , , , , ,
  Sopwith Camel Aspects * Biplane * Stolen Appearances * Finnegan vs The New Roman Empire spirit artifact sopwith_camel , ,
  The Angier-Kaarvok Galvanic Duplication Device [The Device] The machine from “The Prestige” - the last great work of Nikola Tesla. Use of this machine creates… , , ,
  The Book of the Dead While investigating a dig in Egypt, Sir Lawrence Walthorpe happened upon a series of religious scrolls. The Egyption book of the dead - a … , , ,
  The Dagger of Norn Aspects * Scandinavian mystical artifact * Cuts away metaphysical properties (ie emotions etc) Appearances * Mr White versus The Re… , ,
  The Invisible Man Samuel Kemp has developed a machine that makes him invisible. Using the ambient galvonic field generated by a city's Tessla Array, the device… , , ,
  The Sapphire Scarab Aspects * Worshipped by The Order of the Scarab Appearances spirit artifact the_sapphire_scarab , ,
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