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Finnegan vs The New Roman Empire

The exciting tale of Finnegan's fight against the rise of the Fascist state. Sent to stay with his Italian relatives, Finnegan is caught up in the beginnings of the Italian Fascist State. Recognising this threat to democracy, Finnegan joins the resistance to this grown evil.

  • Aspect for Finnegan:
  • Aspect for Finnegan:

As part of the ressistance, Mr White smuggles members where needed in a stolen Sopwith Camel

  • Aspect for Mr White: Daring Pilot
  • Aspect for Mr White: Stolen Sopwith Camel

During Finnegan's operations, he frequently met the now-famous [[Amberley Campbell] as she stole from the fascists causing chaos in their ranks. Amberley ends up stealing items as part of Finnegan's master plan.

  • Aspect for Amberley:
  • Aspect for Amberley:
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