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Mr White

Italian ex-Spy/Assassin

Inspired by - The Shadow and Faber


Angelo Di Dadi comes from a well-to-do Italian Catholic family. His parents were part of the diplomatic embassy to South Korea in the late 1870s. A large family, he has a brother and two sisters. All well educated and he gets on well with all of them even though they tend to have some rather extreme (or eccentric) personalities.

During the Great War, he returned home and fought for Italy in Austria-Hungary as an officer, but when things went badly wrong at Caporetto he decided that the way to win a war was to attack the head, not the body, and he turned to spying and assassination. It was leading him down a very dark path towards the end of the war before he had an epiphany thanks to the British Centurion, Hesketh Hesketh-Prichard.

Character Sheet


  1. Alertness Guns
  2. Guns Alertness , Intimidation
  3. Academics, Pilot, Deceit
  4. Rapport, Athletics, Resolve, Burglary
  5. Survival, Empathy, Fists, Weapons, Stealth


  1. Linguist
    • Language slots increased by five
  2. Gift of Tongues
    • All normal languages are known
    • Language slots are now used for non-normal languages
  3. Danger Sense Unapproachable
    • +2 to defenses when ambushed Use intimidation as the defence against rapport, empathy a nd deceit
  4. On Top of It Shot on the Run 
  • Expend a fate point to go first in an action Use guns as a defence against physical attacks
  1. Take It All In Trick Shot
  • Use Alertness instead of Investigation +2 to hit inanimate objects
  • Same amount of time as Investigation, but will get different results as it's based on observation in a Holmesian style. Only if not a direct attack on someone (can be indirect)


  • Phase 1
    • Growing up in a rich family afforded him an upper class education
    • He was always a wallflower, blending in with his peers and family as a social chameleon
  • Phase 2
    • As an officer in the war he was always coldly pragmatic in his decision making
    • Only through the intevention of Hesketh while at the end of his tether, was Angelo's soft hearted nature called forth, preventing certain atrocities from occuring
  • Phase 3
    • Tracking down the Red Claw and killing their leader attracted the attention of another criminal gang and he is hunted by the Black Dragon
    • One of the gang of the Red Claw stabbed him with The Dagger of Norn and now he's unable to love
  • Phase 4
    • Working in the resistence as a daring pilot
    • He smuggled members around in a stolen Sopwith Camel
  • Phase 5
    • As a reknowned linguist he came to the attention of a conspiracy of dread fortune tellers
    • Kidnapped by them, he has vowed “I will never be captured again”
  • One Year Later
    • Unable to forget his brief time with ultimate power in Egypt, he knows he can never again be a social chameleon but will always be different from other humans and became quite unapproachable. He has seen behind the curtain of reality
    • His decision to not heal the damage from the dagger of norn because being unable to love was the coldly pragmatic best choice for furthering his war with fascism and the betrayal of his country by its leaders, he no longer feels soft hearted over his decisions, nor is he selfish enough to believe he will never be captured again. Now he instead fights for independence and individualism, and he hates oppression when he comes across it.
  • Several Years Later
    • After destroying the remains of the asian gangs, White is no longer hunted by the Black Dragon
    • Travelling back from visiting his parents in South Korea, he is shot down over Germany, destroying his stolen Sopwith Camel and he runs afoul of the Sturmabteilung (Brown Shirts), he was captured while completely surprised
    • White has no idea where these Sturmabteilung came from or how they were able to capture him so easily
    • Escaping from their clutches with the aid of a gun to defend himself with as he shot on the run. Closing off the route behind him with a trick shot. However, because of what he overheard about Götterdämmerung in their presence he is now hunted by Nazis


Guest Star

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