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Mr White versus The Red Claw

Tracking down a mafia-like asian gang that killed one of his parents, Mr White hunts them down and kills their leader.

  • Aspect for Mr White: Hunted by the Black Dragon
  • Aspect for Mr White: Unable to love (stabbed by The Dagger of Norn)

Whilst in the mystic East to procure an elixir from the Red Claw, alec_trevelian is kidnapped. He becomes hideously scarred and the Tunguska Shard melds with his face!

  • Aspect for Alec:
  • Aspect for Alec:

kitty_smithson follows the story of the Tunguska Shard, and so Alec. She finds the location of the Red Claw and passes that information to Mr White to aid in his quest.

  • Aspect for Kitty: Call of the Weird
  • Aspect for Kitty: Public or private interest?
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