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Kitty Smithson and the Bone Cat of Troy

Travelling through Europe after the war, Kitty finds herself at the excavation of Troy. The Bone Cat - fragile, stylised, and worth a fortune - is stolen by a local worker. Kitty deduces the thief's identity, and chases him by train across the continent! She buys the Bone Cat for a small fortune, and the adventure is widely reported.

  • Aspect for Kitty: The Bone Cat of Troy
  • Aspect for Kitty: Impulsive

Having retireved the Bone Cat, Kitty encounters a Sikh Mystic, attracted by the mystic energies of the Cat. It is Ravikiran Ifrit, who revealed the true nature of the cat. When the theif overhears, the Cat is stolen again - and Ravi is caught up in the hunt for the artifact!berley's heroism (and omit the original plot).

  • Aspect for Ravi: Seeker
  • Aspect for Ravi: Present when needed.

The Troy excavations attracted the attention of the Bureau. At every turn, Kitty runs into Finnegan, the Man from the Bureau, who seems to show up at just the right time to provide help and resources.

  • Aspect for Finnegan:
  • Aspect for Finnegan:
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