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Ravikiran Ifrit

Sikh Mystic

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Born and abandoned in India under the British Raj, Ravi was adopted by nobility and raised around court. Never in line for succession, Ravi chiefly acted to keep the family's daughter out of trouble.

With his father off being an officer during the War, Ravikarin's duty became to ensure that his sister would be able to maintain the house in the meantime, until such time as a letter came from the front informing of the return of Eleanor's fiance. At the end of the war, Ravi was left at a loose end. After his sister's wedding, he enlisted to serve, but found a distaste for the meatgrinder that was war. Rather than return home, he sought the wisdom of a group of Sikh mystics.

His training under the Sikhs went absurdly fast, as though it was meant that he should know their teachings. His lightning bolt rise caught the attention of the Century Club. His patron taught him many things of import - and disappeared immediately after introducing to the club.

Character Sheet


  • Superb: Mysteries
  • Great: Resolve, Alertness
  • Good: Athletics, Fists, Stealth
  • Fair: Intimidation, Empathy, Survival, Investigation
  • Average: Endurance, Sleight of Hand, Deceit, Weapons, Resources



  • Phase 1 - Background
    • Courtly Manner
    • Abandoned and out of place
  • Phase 2 - The Great War
    • Sikh Mystic
    • His sister's keeper


Guest Star

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