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The Book of the War Obviously The Book of the War isn't meant to be read in a linear order: it's part of the book's design that no two people are likely to start in exactly the same place, and that every reader is therefore going to have his or her own ideas about which bits are the important bits. But - As anyone who's seen the Book will know, entries are linked by titles in bold face, so that it's possible to navigate“ from one part of the story to another just by following up a particular name or phrase. And the truth is that there's a secret pathway running through the whole volume, a way of reading the complete story by moving from link to link without ever arriving at the same entry twice. (With one exception. There's a single entry which isn't connected to anything else, but never mind that now.) If you know the pathway then it's possible “to read the book normally”, i.e. from “start” to “finish”.

Those of you who don't know The Book of the War should, of course, ignore all of this: if ever you get round to reading it, there's no reason to make things less interesting by sticking to the original” running order. But if you're already familiar with the book, then here's what it'd look like if it were taken apart and laid out in a straight line…“

The Core Entries

Spiral Politic; Great Houses; House Military;
Celestis; Faction Paradox; Remote; Lesser Species; Yssgaroth

The History of Faction Paradox

  • Anchoring of the Thread; Armour; Audience of the Ruling Houses; Caldera; Eleven-Day Empire; Fashion Paradox; Gregorian Compact; History; Imperator Presidency; Intervention; Linearity; Loa; London (Eighteenth Century); Morlock; (House) Paradox; Recruitment; Ritual; Severance; Sombras que Corta; Stacks; Stendec; Tower Hill; Unkindnesses; Westminster

The History of Earth

  • Analytical Engine; Book of Enoch; Burton; Byron; (Ada) Byron; Canon per Tonos; Clockwork Ouroboros; Eleven-Day Empire: The 1834 Attack; Ghost Clusters; Grand Families; Grindlay's Warehouse; Grotesques; Karachi; Liber Sanguisugarum; Mal'akh; Maltese Incident; Mountains of the Moon; Musical Offering; Napoleonic Era; Princess of Parallelograms
    1. Shelley Cabal
    2. Society of St. George
    3. Speke
    4. Star Chamber
    5. Walking Dead
    6. Xianthellipse
    7. Scarratt

The A - Z of the War

  • Scarratt's Group; Entaradora; Monsters” Coda
  • Xenoprediction
  • “You” Diversions
  • “Probability” Doctrine
  • Confusion
  • Utterlost
  • Zero Time
  • Gravity Spiders
  • Time-Thickening
  • Apportation
  • Women (Dressing Up as)
  • Nechronomancers
  • HEM
  • Ordifica
  • Intercreationals
  • Leviathans
  • Quintessence
  • Redemption Cult
  • Forced Regen Missions
  • D-Mat
  • Burlesque Devices
  • “Killerbots” (Autonomic)
  • Vaccinations (Temporal)

Houses and Orders

  • Jungle Children; Hauserkinder; “Justine's Story”
  • Arpexia
  • Babels
  • Casts
  • Catherion
  • Ixion
  • Leathean Campaign
  • Order of the Weal
  • Thessalia
  • War Predictions: Chatelaine Thessalia
  • Zo la Domini

The History of the Homeworld

  • Closed Session; Dronid; Dvora; Enemy; Faraway Declaration; First Message from the Enemy; Head of the Presidency; Homeworld; Lineacrux; Nine Homeworlds; Noosphere; Presidency; Protocols of the Great Houses; Regen-Inf; Ruling Houses; Sex; Space (Five Famous Battles); Timeships; Tobin; Umbaste; War King; Yeh; Appendix III; Compassion

The History of Posthumanity

  • Earth; Posthumanity; Praxis; Siloportem; Time-Travel: Posthuman; War Predictions: The Rivera Manuscript; Appendix IV

The Academician's Story

  • Academicians for Game Logic; Devonire; Grandfather Paradox (Representations); Grandfather's Arm; Kaiwar; Paradox Anxiety; Thousand-Year Battles; Waves; Appendix I

The Non-History of the Celestis

  • Anarchitects; Chaotic Limiter; Conceptual Entities; Fluxes; Gargoyles; Meme; Mictlan; Order of the Dragon; Ottoman Purges; Sacrifice; Shifts…

The Shift's Story

  • Beshielach; Dating War Era Events; Greater Autrobulan Franchise; Lords Celestial; Memeovore; Planetesimals; Reboots; Worldofme

The City of the Saved

  • City of the Saved; Timebeast Assault; Verrifant; Mirraflex; Mantissa; Het Linc; Secret Architects; Uptime Gate; Lefcourt; Krymtorpor; Ghetto of the Damned; Foaming Sky; Order of the Iron Soul; Pinocchio; Rump Parliament; Timon; (House) Halfling; Piltdown Mob; Sons of Tepes

The Impaler's Story

  • Tirgoviste; Ulterior Worlds; Vlad III; Wallachia; Djinn; Edimmu; Gragov; Halved Birth; Investigators; Investigator 31; Mark of Indenture; Poenari Relic; Rasputin

The Thirteen-Day Republic

  • Anastasia; Cult of Celebrity Death; Dyavol; House of Lords; Malachite Room; Nadim; Octavia; Red Burial; Removal of Members; Thirteen-Day Republic; Valentine's Day; Winter Palace; Witch-Blood


  • Biodata; Diaspora; Eremites; Faction Precursors; Foyle; House of the Rising Sun; Labyrinths; Remonstration Bureau; Voodoo Charter; Venue Accords; Weaponstores

The Ghost Dance

  • A'daltem Ano'nde; Belial; Catch-the-Bear's War Bonnet; Ghost Shirts; North American Warrior Tribes; Nun'aha'wu; Open Doors; Pai'ngya; Peyote Dream-Runners; Sand and Snow Ammunition; Tenskwatawa; Appendix II

The History of the Remote

  • Anchormen; Broken Remote; Fallahal; Jallama Reed Transmissions; New Young Gods; Remembrance Tanks; Shadow Masks; Simia KK98; Viewers and Listeners Protocols; Wovoka

Faction Hollywood

  • Brookhaven; Brookhaven's Follies; Cwej; Cwejen; Faction Hollywood; Fat; Gauntlet; GCI Processor; Hollow Spectaculars; Hollywood Bowl Shooting; House of the Seven Gables; Mount Usu Duel; “Mystery of Edwin Drood”
  • North Los Angeles Cabal
  • Order of the White Peacock
  • Production Hell
  • “Through the Eye of Eternity”
  • Vandemeer

The End

  • Briefings
  • Humanity
  • Nanotechnology
  • Nevitz
  • Time-Travel: Biodata Principle
  • Younger World Story


  • (House) Lolita; (House) Tracolix.

There is, almost certainly, at least one mistake in this listing.

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