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Compendium Classes

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Type Compendium Class Trigger
Journey Abyss Walker When you walk the abyss and it affects you permanently
Alienist When you make a pact with the incomprehensible (and quite possibly non-euclidean) beings that lurk outside of reality
Rock Band Alpine When you have acquired a horn from an Ibex and fashioned it into an instrument
Vestige Anima Mage When you greedily bind the Vestige of a powerful entity
Assassin When you accept payment to end the life of another
Standard Awakened Mind When you discover the latent abilities that lie within your mind
Standard Bearer When you embrace the fate of carrying an intelligent weapon
Beast Hunter When you a hunt a giant monster and make use of its remains
Blindfighter When you are blind but train your other senses to make up for your lack of sight
Standard Blob When you are engulfed by a slime, ooze, or pudding, and some of it stays with you
Rock Band Bongó el Monte When you have learned the complex magical rhythms of the bongo
Item Cursed Knight When you become corrupted by the Fang of Night
Martial Art Darting Hornet When you follow in the footsteps of Darting Hornet, gaining preparation by spending one week or more incorporating quick hit-and-fade maneuvers into your personal fighting style
Monster Death Knight If you wantonly burn a true friend to increase your physical might or as part of a treasonous plot and you are a Restless Dead or Hungry Dead
Demiurge When you acquire or unseal forbidden power
Werespider Devotee of the Spider-Mother When you are a werespider and are granted the favor of the Spider-Mother
Dilettante When you feel like you've seen it all, and disregard your own safety just to experience something new
Doppelganger When you use the move Doppelganger's Dance to pass yourself off as another person 3 times
Standard Dragonslayer When you drink the still-warm heart-blood of a dragon
Item Drink Deeply When you have drunk deeply of Malini’s offerings
Drunken Master When you go on a three day drunken bender
Ever-Shifter When you come to rely on transformitive magic to solve problems
Monster Extortionist After you have successfully blackmailed someone for more than 100 coins
Firebrand When you take a significant personal risk to work against established authorities
Standard Flux You touched the mind of god. That cloak of phasing tickled that rift of chaos just right, and in that moment before you rematerialized a slice of the foundation of reality was captured within you.
Geomancer When you devote yourself wholly to an environment and draw your power from it
Rock Band Godsinger When you have been taught the divine tunes of the ukulele by a kahuna
Godslayer When you slay a mighty foe by exploiting their weaknesses
Dragon Great Wyrm When you are a dragon, and you knowingly sacrifice or allow significant harm to come to something or someone important to you in the name of avarice
Monster Greater Lycanthrope If you are a Lycanthrope and you successfully use The Moon Gift to transform a comrade, family member or innocent to a Lycanthrope
Item Hat Master When you obtain and wear a truly amazing piece of headgear
Rock Band Headbanger When you have acquired the fabled Six Stringed Axe of Metalocalypse and it considers you strong and worthy
Heart Eater When you rip the heart (or equivalent) out of the chest of a creature you've slain and devour it to gain its power
Immortal When you meet Death at the Black Gates and defy it right in it’s face
Item Inked When you get a tattoo containing magical power inked onto your skin
Juggernaut When you push on after taking an impossible amount of pain
Vestige Knight of the Sacred Seal When you swear an oath to a powerful entity and are bound to it's Vestige
Standard Landed Gentry When you are granted a hold by your betters
Monster Lich King If you wantonly burn a true friend for knowledge, magical power or continued life and you are a Restless Dead or Hungry Dead
Fae Lord of Arcadia When you are one of the fae and consistently act in an overly dramatic manner
Monster Lord of Filthy Gluttony If you are a Hungry Dead (but not a Vampire Thrall) and you feast on a loved one or a comrade
Monster Marauder After you wantonly destroy a beautiful symbol of civilization
Monster Tamer When you capture a strange creature after beating it into submission
Mystic Theurge When you are a Wizard or a Cleric, and spend significant time studying the other side of magic
Professional When you rise to a position of prominence within your community
Rock Band Rhymer When you have mastered the art of rythmic rhyming and fast-talking
Ripple Man When you are instructed by a warrior from a strange land on how to fight the darkness
Ronin When you knowingly and willingly abandon someone or something important to you to keep yourself from being tied down
Vestige Scion of the Star Emperor When you bind the Vestige of the Star Emperor
Vestige Shadow Apostate When you bind the Vestige of the Shadow of He that Was
Skinwalker When you wear the skin of an animal as an intimidation tactic in a fight
Monster Skirmisher If your fellow players ask where your character is or complain that you have gone off again three times
Slayer Murder at your every footstep. Blood’s cheap, it’s everywhere.
Martial Art Stalwart Armadillo When you follow in the footsteps of Stalwart Armadillo, gaining preparation by spending one week or more incorporating maneuvers intended to neutralize an enemy’s blows into your personal fighting style
Item Stone-Masked Vampire When you don the stone mask and paint it with the blood of those you hate
Martial Art Swashbuckler When you successfully save the day with style and panache
Monster The Chief After you kill the leader of a monstrous community in single combat and swear to replace them
Martial Art Thundering Pachyderm When you follow in the footsteps of Thundering Pachyderm, gaining preparation by spending one week or more incorporating bold, earthshaking strikes into your personal fighting style,
Automaton Tinkerer When you are an automaton and you spend time attempting to upgrade yourself
Vampire When you exchange blood with a vampire, or perform a dark ritual transform yourself into one.
Monster Vampire Lord If you are a Vampire Thrall and you help destroy a powerful vampire,
Wardancer When you have been tutored in the secrets of the wardancer
Vestige Witch Slayer When you slay one who's soul has been bound to another
Standard WraithLander When you return from the wraith lands

Bold = part of a hack to basic DW

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